Day 1 Review

It was an okay day. Should not have eaten the chocolate bars or skipped dinner. Kept all my of my 8 goals except for the konnyaku. I should have eaten another half cup.
8 goals.
  1. Weight myself every day for 3 months
  2. Keep calories under 1600 a day for 3 months
  3. 1.5 hours exercise every day 3 months

Holistic Doctor's Advice

  1. Drink 12 cups of sanpin Tea every day for 3 months
  2. Eat 1.5 cups of konnyaku jelly every day for 3 months
  3. Eat half a goya everyday for three months
  4. Eat 10cm of gobo root everyday for three months
  5. Eat a big pinch of Konbu seaweed 3 times a week

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