Random Thoughts

I am almost finished day 40 of my diet. Day forty!. My Catholic upbringing kicked in when I though about this significant biblical number. The Temptation of Christ refers to the 40 days Jesus fasted in the desert. The Diabolic tried to tempt Jesus but failed.
If you are on a diet it does not matter if you are Catholic, Muslim, Hindu, Jew, Buddhist or what have you - there is so much temptation. You don't have to believe in the Devil to realize there is temptation. No one can succeed on their diet until they learn to master temptation.
People throw around words like will power and discipline. The scope of these words is pretty wide. Maybe it is better we just focus on what we find tempting and figure out how to say No.
Though I think the key really is - having faith. We must have faith in our reasons for dieting and in the diet itself. If we don't, we will never successfully fight temptation.

Day 40 Review

It was a good day today. Again, I really believe I am doing well. As planned, this week I am trying hard to increase my proteins. Yet, between my salad and stir fry I still ate 8 different kinds of vegetables. This is one of the only days I did not eat any Konbu or Konnyaku. I am still drinking a litre of Goya (bitter melon) tea and a litre of Sanpin (green) tea a day.

Another weekend finished without going to the Pub. This, in itself, is amazing.

Day 40 Excercise

1 hour walk (brisk)
1 hour 15 minutes elliptical
30 minutes weight training (arms & chest)

Total 2 hours 45 minutes

Day 40 Calories

Half an apple, soy milk, cheese 260
2 Soy Bars 220
Mackerel & Mixed Salad 400
Almonds 120
Pork Stir Fry 600

Total 1600

Day 40 Weight 107kg (236lbs)

Random Thoughts

I am very fortunate my wife is supportive of my diet. Besides food shopping and cooking I do very little around the house. Except for "Play and Reading" time, my wife does all the child care stuff for our son. Home environment must have a huge impact on diet success. It seems to me people should talk more about external factors that effect the success and failure of diets.

Day 39 Reveiw

It was a great day. I believe I am doing all I can to reach my goal.

Day 39 Excercise

1 hour Batto Jitsu training
1.5 hour Walk (stairs & hills)

Total 2.5 hours

Day 39 Calories

Spam, half an apple, soy milk & cheese 340 (7:15)
Almonds 120 (10:45)
Vegetable soup & Mackerel 300 (12:15)
Sardines 160 (2:45)
Chicken Stir Fry 600 (6:00)

Total 1520

Day 39 Weight 107kg (236lbs)

Day 38 Review

It was a good day. I am trying hard to increase the intensity of all my exercises. My knee feels strong and my confidence is up. I just need to be sure not to get cocky.
Food wise I think I'm doing fine. My goal to increase proteins for this week is going well. I am trying to get protein from as many different sources as I can. I appreciate Spam is not considered a health food. Okinawans are one of the highest consumers of Spam in the world. My perception of Spam was not so good before I moved here. My wife loves it and now I really like it. The difference here is portions. I watched my Mother-in-law cooking Goya Chanpuru the other day. For four people, she added about 100 grams of Spam. I've put double that in one sandwich.
If something is not eaten in excess, I believe nothing is really "bad" for you.

Day 38 Excercise

30 minute walk (brisk)
1 hour elliptical machine (intense)
30 minutes weight training (arms & chest)
45 minute bicycle ride (slow)

Total 2 hours 45 minutes

Day 38 Calories

Spam 90 (6:00am)
Soy Milk and Hard Boiled Egg 290 (7:45)
Cheese 70 (10:00)
Vegetable Soup & Sardines 270 (Noon)
Almonds & Tuna 270 (3:00)
Mixed Salad, Spam, Cheese & H.B. Egg 600 (6:30)

Total 1590

Day 38 Weight 107kg (236lbs)

Random Thoughts

I was surfing around looking for more male bloggers and found two great blogs. Stages of Change has a brilliant post , "Individual Accountability, Forced Equality & "Fat People's Rights." The opening paragraphs reads,

"In our society today we are taught, by and large, not to judge. We are taught that we are all the same, and that every one's approach to anything (within reason) is just as valid as anyone else; all of that is bogus."

This is so true. Comparing the West to Japan I have a theory that being fat is pretty much tolerated in the West compared to say 50 years ago or compared to Japan. The whole "Me Generation" , "I'm Okay, Your Okay" stuff and Political Correctness, I believe contributes to obesity in a general way.

I am surprised I missed the second male blogger. The Anti Jared is a great success story to follow. The guy has lost over 200 pounds and about 80 pounds in the first two months. No wonder he is on CNN's interview list.

I love those numbers for the basic reason it proves every one's diet is a personal journey. Just because he did those numbers does not mean I have to or you have to but we should not bash people's diet for being too fast or too slow. Some people have left me nasty messages about my 3 month goal. I understand and I am not offended. I set a goal of 42kg (93lbs.) I based my numbers on what I saw other people doing. I really don't care if I reach my goal. I am only concerned about giving it my best shot.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Day 37 Review

It was a good day. Everything seems to be going fine. My Batto Jitsu Sensei paid me a nice complement today. He told me I looked better "but" don't stop, keep fighting hard to lose more. I love the old guy. He never sugar coats anything. He says somethings that might seem brash but there is no maliciousness behind his words only sincere concern. He is a real great teacher. I feel very fortunate to not only be trained by him, but simply - to know the guy.

Day 37 Excercise

30 minute Walk (brisk)
1 hour Batto Jitsu Practice
1 hour Elliptical Machine (Intense)
30 minute Weight Training (Squat & Abs.)

Total 3 hours

Day 37 Calories

Cheese 70 (6:15am)
Soy Milk & Hard Boiled Egg 290 (7:45)
Soy Bar 120 (10:45)
Tuna & Raw Carrots & Green Beans 320 (12:00)
Sanma Fish 260 (2:00)
Vegetable Soup, Tofu & Spam 500 (6:00)

Total 1560

Day 37 Weight 108kg (238lbs)

Day 36 Review

It was a good day. I've noticed my consumption of water has increased. On top of the liter of Sanpin Tea and liter of Goya Tea, I am drinking 3-4 500ml bottles of water. Plus at least 3 cups of soup everyday. I use the soup as a means of consuming my daily calories of konbu and Konnyaku. I'm doing pretty well at following the old guy's advice. You have to believe, don't you.

Day 36 Excercise

1 hour walk (hills & stairs)
2 hour bicycle ride (brisk)

Total 3 hours

Day 36 Calories

Cheese 70 (5:45am)
Soy Milk & Hard Boiled Egg 290 (7:45)
Sanma (Pacific Saury) & half an apple 260 (10:45)
Sardine, half an apple & an orange 260 (2:45)
Hamburger Soup 450 (5:45)
Chocolate bar 210 (8:45)

Total 1540

Day 36 Weight 109kg (240lbs)

Day 35 Review

It was a good day. I'm happy with my progress so far. A week this Monday will mark the 6 week or half way point in my 3 month diet. I think it is imperative that I reach 106 Kilograms by next Monday. At that point I will have lost 21 kg and 21 kg to go. I am aware, my 3 month goal is a bit aggressive. But, I am not going to give up.
I've decided to go for a 1 week high protein diet of about 1500 calories a day. I will increase my exercise to 1 hour high intensive and 2 hours low intensive exercise a day for 1 week.

Day 35 Excercise

45 minute swim (Slow)
1 hour Batto Jitsu Practice
1 hour Elliptical Trainer (Intense)
30 minutes Weight Training (Arms & Chest)

Total 3 hours 15 minutes

Day 35 Calories

Banana 80 (5:45 am)
Soy Milk and Cheese 210 (7:30)
Mixed Nuts & Cheese 210 (10:45)
Vegetable Soup & Tuna 400 (Noon)
Mixed Nuts & Cheese 210 (3:00)
Mackerel, Boiled Gobo Root & Konnyaku 400 (7:00pm)

Total 1510

Day 35 Weight 110Kg (242lbs)

Random Thoughts

At the beach today I met a really nice American guy. He joined the US Marines about a year ago and is now stationed in Okinawa. His friends call him "Old Dog" as he is in his early 30's. He wanted to join the Marines. His recruiter told him to lose 70 pounds and come back and see him. He lost 70 pounds in 4 months while working full time as an accountant. He was 240 pounds when he entered boot camp. He lost another 60 pounds in 3 months. Then started weight training and gained 20 pounds muscle over the last 8 months. We talked about diets and he told me he tried many different diets over the last 10 years. He figures he failed for two reasons. First, he never really had a true desire. Second, the diets never pushed him hard enough - they were too soft. Being called a fat fu*k daily by people younger than him, drove him hard, not only to lose weight but to improve his fitness. He conceded that a civilian probably could not hack the US Marine Diet Program.

Day 34 Review

It was a great day. My family and I met a few friends at the beach this afternoon. The place was packed. I limited my exercise today and increased my calories. I am hoping to be 110 kilograms tomorrow. Five days at 111 kilograms. I feel like I am fighting a mini plateau.

Day 34 Excercise

45 Minute Swim (Slow)

Total 45 Minutes

Day 34 Calories

Yogurt, Banana & Soy Milk 320
Miso Soup & Tuna Salad 480
Raw Celery & Carrots 160
2 Hamburger Patties & Vegetarian Chili 900

Total 1860

Day 34 Weight 111kg (244lbs)