Progress Pictures

I lost 40kg(88lbs) on my recent 3 month diet. Please see the last set of pictures. Over the last 9 and a half months I have lost a total of 60kg(132lbs). I am not finished my quest to find my "ideal" weight and get fit. Please come back later to find where I'm blogging next. Join me then, on the last leg of my journey.

These pictures show my weight loss over the last 3 months.

The pictures below show my weight loss over the last 9 and half months. The top row of pictures I was 147kg. The second row were taken 3 months ago when I weighed 127kg. The third row of pictures was taken yesterday at 87kg.

Day 92 Weight 87kg (192lbs)

I set a goal of losing 42kg(92lbs) in 3 months. I didn't make it. However, I did lose 40kg(88lbs). My 3 month diet is over but my quest to find my ideal weight is not. I have been terribly busy but intend to start a new blog over the next week. Please come back later for more details.

Having a much deserved early morning beer just after my last weigh in.

Day 92

I apologize for not posting on the final day of my 3 month diet. My computer crashed. Thankfully, everything is backed up (somewhere). We are leaving on a trip tomorrow and things are a bit hectic. I will post my final weight and progress pictures tomorrow.

Good Luck to you and Peace.

Day 91 Review

It was a good day.

Day 91 Exercise

1 hour walk (hills & stairs)
1.5 hours Elliptical Trainer
1 hour inline skating
2 hours walk

Total 5.5 hours

Day 91 Calories

Yogurt, Cereal & Plum 280
Chicken Soup 300
Almonds 80
Chicken Stir Fry & an Apple 480

Total 1060

Day 91 Weight 88kg (194lbs)

Day 90 Review

It was a wonderful day. The weather was great.

I started my "All fruit Sunday" six weeks ago on a whim. I felt I was not eating enough fruit nor a wide enough variety. I figured, if I ate only fruit one day a week it would force me to include more fruit in my general diet. I think I succeeded.

I weighed in at 88kg this morning. I'm down 39kg and just two more weigh-ins to see if I can reach my goal of losing 42kg in 3 months. I am familiar with my current rate of weight loss, the trend, and cycles - it appears I will be short of my goal. I won't let that stop me from continuing to try.

It has been a great experience. I will continue to eat well but look forward to not exercising every day. In 3 months I never once took a day off and averaged just over 2 hours a day. Exercising has become a huge chore which I now dread. Just one more day.

I wrote this post just before I went for my evening walk. I finished my 1.5 hour walk and rested on a park bench just before I came home. I heard laughter from a couple. The lighting was poor. The couple was playing catch ball. The guy was fat. It was not that I noticed at first. I noticed he threw with his left hand which is unusual in Japan. His pitch was very "girl like" (sorry) but he also caught with his left hand and made some amazing catches. Next, they started to bat. He had the most awkward left hand hit. But, he connected every time and the ball went clear thought the little park. The ball landed close to me and I kept quiet. He was looking for thel ball and I noticed his right arm was gimp.

I now see "diet lessons" everywhere. Buddy is a big man. His throwing arm is a bit embarrassing but his catching and his hitting is amazing. He adapted. You want to pick a diet....pick a diet that matches your personality and ability.

Good Night.

Day 90 Excercise

1 hour walk
1 hour bicycle ride
1.5 hour walk (intermittent jogging)

Total 3.5 hours

Day 90 Calories

Avocado 240 (6am)
Grapefruit 80 (7:00)
Peach 60 (9:00)
3 Plums 90 (10:00)
3 Plums 90 (11:00)
Apple 80 (Noon)
Banana 80 (1:00)
2 Kiwi Fruits 90 (2:30)
3 Plums 90 (4:30)
Peach 60 (5:30)
Apple 80 (6:30)
Banana 80 (7:30)

Total 1120

Random Thoughts

Health Check = Longer life

The idegenous people of Okinawa tend to have one of the longest life expectancies of any group of people in the world. The Okinawa diet essentially reflects the general eating patterns of the Okinawan seniors.

In one study, Okinawan seniors were found to have 80% fewer cases of heart disease and 50% less cases of cancer than their American counterparts. There are more people over the age of 100 per 100,000 population than any place in the world.

The Okinawa diet is not a magic diet. There are no secrets. It is simply, a way of life. Researchers have been careful to note, it is not just about nutrition. Okinawans tend to be more physically active, doing what I call "just living". Like Islanders all over the world, Okinawans tend to be laid back and operate on a what is referred to as Unchina Time (Island Time). Okinawans tend to be fairly spiritual. Okinawan society is made up of many loosely defined social circles. Within the circle, people sincerely care and make an effort to support one another. Of course, all of this contributes to their well being.

Going through the mail I thought about one additional thing that contributes to the longevity of the Okinawans. The government makes a sincere effort to care for her citizens. Below is a request I received in the mail from my municipal government.

Essentially, it is a request to make an appointment to come for a yearly Cancer and Medical Health Check. On a computer in the Municipal Office I am on a data base organized by age. A ticket is sent out once a year to come for the appropriate age related health check. I choose Sunday afternoon for my health check. This Sunday my son will go for his health check. My son's health check and shots are all free. I believe I have to pay about 1000yen (10usd).

Last year I was too large to fit in the x-ray machine. It was an awkward moment for everyone. Possibly more awkward for the doctor and nurses, as they apologized profusely. I am looking forward to getting into the machine this year.

The purpose of the post is to point out the longevity of the Okinawan seniors, in a small way, is the result of a very caring government. They make a proactive attempt to provided health checks at almost zero costs to their citizens. Does your government, not only provide free, age appropriate health checks every year but take the effort to notify you by mail and allow you to come in on the weekend? It seems very civilized.

Have a nice day.

Day 90 Weight 88kg (194lbs)