Day 68 Review

It was a really good day. I kept my calories under 1000. Tomorrow is All Fruit Day and I expect my calories to be 900-1400. I am cycling my calories down on the weekend but have to make sure I keep my 1500 calorie a day average over the week.

Low calorie days are a bit sneaky. I don't feel hungry. I am not tired and have lots of energy but I know logically my body needs around 1600 calories a day to stay safe. Currently, I am maintaining about an 1500 calorie daily average. Sometimes, the days I eat more are the same days I get urges to cheat. Sometimes, when I eat less I have no cravings to cheat. Weird. I can see (feel) how people get lulled into super low calorie diets.

Good Night

Day 68 Excercise

2 hour walk
1 hour Elliptical Trainer
1 hour weight training (legs & abs)

Total 4 hours

Day 68 Calories

Cereal & Soy Milk 250 (6:00)
Orange 80 (8:00)
2 Raw Carrots 60 (10:00)
Yogurt & Prunes 150 (1:00)
Banana 80 (2:00)
Apple 80 (3:00)
Pumpkin Soup 120 (5:30)
Almonds & Prunes 120 (6:30)

Total 940

Random Thoughts

I have been following Zeusmeatball's blog for about two months. Today he hit an incredible milestone,

"...I woke up this morning I went straight to the scale and well what do ya know, it said 334.4lbs and I know that I had a smile on my face."

"528 days ago I weighed 534 pounds and I can still remember how I felt on that day when I started down this path to better health, unsure that I would make it a week and decided to start a blog to stay accountable"

That is correct. The good man has lost 200 pounds. If you have time, visit him here and leave a congratulation message.

I know, I know, he has faded nail polish on his toes - don't let it stop you from reading his post.

Great Job Mr. Zuesmeatball.

Day 68 Weight 98kg(216lbs)

Random Thoughts

I was in the area and decided to stop into my favorite Irish Bar just as it opened. The first time I've been in a Pub in over 2 months. I ordered an expensive fancy water and watched the staff get ready for another Friday night. I left just as the third customer entered.

I enjoyed the compliments from the girls as to my new shape. I started to chat with the only other customer in the Pub and learned that he also lost weight recently. He was having terrible heart burn and was convinced the culprit was Beer. So he switched to Awamori Sake. He claims this is the only thing he changed in his diet and lost 20kg(44lbs) in three months. Losing half a pound a day for 90 days is impressive. The guy was still pretty "big" and assuming he used to drink a lot of beer, there was no reason for me not to doubt him.

I am sharing this random thought for two reasons.

The first reason is because it reinforces my belief that no two dieters are the same. Some people lose weight quickly, some people do not. Who cares how fast or slow it comes off as long as you are eating healthy, are somewhat active and always trying.

The second reason, I would like to jam it down the throats of all the haters in the diet blog sphere who continue to goose step with the "experts" and claim losing anything more than 1-2lbs a week is unhealthy. What rubbish.

Sure it might be unhealthy for some. It might not be for others. You goose steppers keep perpetuating the myth that all diets have to follow some formula and all people are the same. What rubbish.

You goose steppers love low expectations and probably hate success. Your days are filled with comparing yourself to others. Being bashed by you was my biggest surprise on my journey, as a first time blogger.

I am not a doctor. I am not a nutritionist.

Sorry for closing my comments. It might look like I am a coward but I have trouble dealing with the negativity and dieting at the same time. Time for my family and dieting has to come first.

Good Night and Peace

Day 67 Review

It was a good day.

I think I am doing really well in the veggie department. Between my salad and soup I consumed 8 cups of diced vegetables. In total, I consumed 9 different kinds of vegetables; Gobo (Burdock), Green Peppers, Red Peppers, Yellow Peppers, Onions, Lettuce, Fuchiba (Mugwort Leaves) Carrots, and Bean Sprouts. If you include Kombu, a type of seaweed, as a vegetable, then I ate 10 different kinds of vegetables.

The only vegetables I have avoided on this diet are potatoes. I am trying hard to reduce all starch in my diet. I have not eaten any rice, bread or pasta. I stopped eating rice about 1 year ago as I noticed my heart would start pumping hard after eating a medium size bowl. I don't think the doctor took me serious. To be on the safe side, I have limited my rice consumption. Not easily done in Japan.

Day 67 Excercise

1 hour walk (stairs & hills)

Total 1 hour

Day 67 Calories

Yogurt, Banana & Cheese 240
Almonds & Figs 110
Salad, Firm Tofu & Mackerel 360
Orange & half an Apple 120
Vegetable Pork Soup, Baked Beans 500
Prunes 60

Total 1390

Day 67 Weight 98kg (216lbs)

Day 66 Review

All round, a good day.

My hamburger knee has been holding up great. 18 years ago I had reconstruction surgery and a long stay in the hospital. I still don't have full motion which sometimes makes the right side of my body look shorter than the left.

Last night my knee was really sore but I woke up this morning with no pain. Still no pain.

I've been lucky for sure but I am starting to think my knee is much stronger than I believed all these years. I am wondering if I used it as an excuse not to exercise? Of course I did. Was it justified? Maybe not.

Did I use my bad knee as an excuse for being fat? In part, yes I did.

I know I am restricted on what sports and exercises I can perform. However it bothers me that I allowed it to become a much bigger issue than it really was.

There is a line from an old Clint Eastwood movie that I have never forgotten, "You have to improvise, adapt and overcome." I improvised and adapted but I never really overcame - hopefully, until now.

Good Night and Peace.

Day 66 Excercise

1 hour Elliptical Trainer
1 hour Weight Training (Arms & Chest)

Total 2 hours

Day 66 Calories

Cereal, Soy Milk & Figs 300
Veg. Soup, Tofu, Baked Beans, Prunes & 1/2 an Apple 500
Salad, Mackerel, Plums, 1/2 a Banana, & 1/2 an Apple 600

Total 1400

Day 66 Weight 98kg (116lbs)

Day 65 Review

It was a really good day. I switched to three meals a day from 5-6 just to mix things up.

I bought Figs and some crazy expensive Cereal from Switzerland. No added sugar and less dried fruits. Per 50 grams, almost one third less calories than the granola cereal I am currently eating. I'm turning into the kind of person I used to snicker at, in the grocery store aisle.

By reading package labels my ability to read (understand) Japanese Kanji has improved. I am linguistically challenged (not that bright) and still have a very long way to go. Like dieting, learning a second language is a grind. I refuse to give-up and understand it will be a life long process - both keeping fit and learning Japanese.

Good Night and Peace

Day 65 Exercise

1 hour walk (stairs & hills)
1 hour Batto Jitsu Practice

Total 2 hours

Day 65 Calories

Cereal, Soy Milk, Yogurt, & Banana 490
Barley Pork Soup & Plums 460
Baked Bean Salad, Sardines, & Figs 700

Total 1650

Day 65 Weight 98Kg (216lbs)

Day 64 Review

It was a good day.

Close to my house is a school for handicap children. Passing the bus stop today two students smiled and greeted me in English. What nice kids. One child had both legs in braces and the second child must have something wrong with her spine.

Handicapped yes, but not their spirit.

Most of us in the diet blog sphere are actually lucky (blessed) that we are simply capable of exercise. Some might bitch and moan but there are many people who would love to have our problem.

Would you bitch to a person with crippled legs how hard it is to exercise? What excuses would you make to the cripple?

Would you bitch to person struggling in a developing country how tough it is to be fat and how hard it is to lose weight?

Today, I will be thankful for what I have and am capable of doing.

Good Night.

Day 64 Excercise

1 hour 15 minutes Elliptical Trainer
45 minutes Weight Training (Arms & Chest)

Total 2 hours

Day 64 Calories

Cereal, Soy Milk & Yogurt 410
Miso Soup, Firm Tofu & half an Apple 400
Pork Stir Fry & a Plum 630

Total 1440

Random Thoughts

Surfing the diet blogsphere during lunch I came across an excellent post via 4XLT. The title of the post, Seven Keys to a Successful Body Transformation by Chris Shugart can be found here at Testostorone Muscle. While I would normally avoid any website with such a name, I am very happy to have read Chris's article.

I am a big believer that to be successful at anything you should try and model your behavior after people who have succeeded. This is exactly what this article is about. When I have time I will revist this site. Again, the link is here.

Day 64 Weight 99kg (218lbs)

9 Week Review

I started my 3 month diet on April 7, 2009. As of today, June 8, 2009 I have completed 9 weeks of dieting with 28 more daily weigh-ins left until my diet is finished.

To date I have lost 28kg (62lbs). Week by week I've lost 5kg, 2kg, 4kg, 4kg, 2kg, 4kg, 2kg, 3kg, and 2kg. On average, I have been losing 3.1kg (6.8lbs) a week. Over the three, three week periods, the rate in which I have been losing weight has declined.

I have exactly 4 weeks to complete my goal of losing 42kg (92lbs) in 3 months. I probably won't make any changesfor the next 3 weeks. The gloves come off in the fourth week. It will be close. So far I have given this diet an honest effort. I believe I will be successful but either way, I will be satisfied if I continue to give my best effort.

For readers new to my blog. I started this 3 month diet with 8 daily goals. I set the first 3 goals after reading about other successful dieters who had personalities I could identify with. The last 5 goals are following the advice given to me by an old Holistic Practitioner.

Goal 1 - Weigh myself everyday.

Without fail I weight myself every morning after waking up and using the washroom. There is another school of thought that believes weighing yourself everyday on a diet is not prudent. I believe I understand the arguments from both camps.

If you are on a diet and refuse to weight yourself everyday it might be because you are scared. You are scared of the daily slow grind and the unexplained fluctuations. In my opinion, if you can't get over this - your emotions will handicap your diet. Dieting is hard, frustrating and it sucks. Accept it. Accept the grind. Weight yourself everyday and accept the numbers without emotion. Try and accept the numbers with a casual curiosity.

Goal 2 - Consume less than 1600 calories a day.

On average I consume just over 1500 calories a day. Admittedly, I am hungry before bed. I have successfully fought the urge to eat. At the beginning of the diet I was really cranky however I seem to have overcome this without knowing how. I plan all my meals and snacks at the beginning of the day.

Recently I have been trying to cycle my caloric intake while maintaining a 1500 average over the week.

Goal 3 - Exercise at least 1.5 hours a day.

On average, I exercise just over 2 hours a day. During the week, about six hours low to medium intensity cardio like fast walking. Six hours of medium to medium/high intensity cardio like elliptical training. And, two hours of weight training. To date I have never taken a day off nor plan to.

Recently I have been trying to cycle my exercise time while maintaining a two hour daily average. I have also given some thought to coordinating my exercise and caloric intake needs.

Goal 4 - Drink 12 cups of Sanpin (Jasmine) Tea everyday.

I drink no less than 1 litre a day.

Goal 5 - Eat 1.5 cups of Konnyaku everyday.

On average I eat about 1 cup a day. There is a variety of konnyaku products to choose from. Recently I only eat Shirataki Noodles. I add them to soup and stir fries. I also started making a salad by adding diced vegetables, konbu, olive oil and spices to the noodles.

Goal 6 - Eat half a Goya (Bitter Mellon) Vegetable a day.

I have largely failed to keep this goal. I consume 1 Goya a week. However, I do consume 1 litre of bitter mellon tea everyday. As the name suggest it is bitter and takes some getting use to but it grows on you.

Goal 7 - Eat 10cm of Gobo (Burdock) everyday.

I have exceeded this goal.

Goal 8 - Eat Konbu (type of seaweed) three times a week.

I have exceeded this goal but am careful not overload on the stuff.

Random Thoughts

Over 100kg my scale "rounds off" to the nearest whole number. Under 100 kilograms the scale measures to the closest 0.2kg (0.44lbs). For the purpose of this blog I will record my weight rounded off to the closet whole number with the attached picture showing the exact weight.

1 kilogram is equal to 2.2 pounds. I can't work it out but I think there is an psychological advantage to using kilograms over pounds when checking your weight daily. Still, I acknowledge one should look at the numbers rationally, void of emotion.

Day 63 Review

It was a good learning day. I fed my little guy a few pieces of mango this morning. Within three minutes he was throwing up. Later, at daycare he got the runs and I had to pick him up early. I should have listened to my wife.

I love Monday morning washroom visits after eating fruit all day Sunday. The fibre from fruit and prunes sure can make a "big" difference. Unfortunately, this was after my morning weigh in. Coffee is also a great stimulator.

Except for feeling terrible about the little guy, it was a good day.

Day 63 Excercise

1 hour walk
1 hour Batto Jitsu practice

Total 2 hours

Day 63 Calories

Mango, Cereal & Soy Milk 470
Almonds 60
Chicken Soup & Mixed Salad 480
Prunes & Almonds 150
Shirataki Salad & Sardines 500
Half an Apple 40

Total 1700

Day 63 Weight 99kg (218lbs)

Day 62 Review

All round, a great day. I cycled down my calories and exercise today. Tomorrow, I will return to a more balanced diet. I still drank 1 litre of green tea, 1 litre of goya (bitter mellon) tea and about 1 litre of water.

I spent the day with my family at the park, shopping and visiting a friend's open house party. I was active all day. It is close to bedtime and I'm not tired but fairly hungry.

Maybe I should be satisfied resisting the urge to eat but it is not that simple. I am scared. I don't believe cheating (a little) is bad. However, in my case I am scared if I cheat a little I might not stop. I have the same relationship with beer. It is easy to say no to 1 beer but 3 beers usually ends up around 10. I will have to address this during my maintenance stage.


Day 62 Excercise

45 minutes walk (stairs & hills)

Total 45 minutes

Day 62 Calories

Apple 80 (6:00am)
Banana 80 (8:00)
Grapefruit 80 (10:00)
Prunes 90 (11:00)
Avocado 240 (12:00)
Prunes 90 (2:00)
Plums 120 (3:00)
Prunes & Mango 210 (6:00)

Total 990

Random Thoughts

If I was to start my diet over again the one thing I would have done is bought a Pedometer. I walk all the time and my pace is really improving. I am curious as to how far I walk, how fast and how much I have improved. I am a closet Luddite but I do regret not buying one of those little gadgets.

This brings me to the 250USD contest John is running at John is Fit Blog. To enter the only requirement is post the contest on your blog. You get bonus points if you offer a link to one of his product reviews. The product review I chose was his Pedometer Review. Go ahead and educate yourself and read more at John's Pedometer Review.

One last cool thing. Go see John's latest post here. A casting company contacted him looking for people with "love handles". You want to be famous? John has graciously provided a link to the casting company. Don't be self conscious - who cares if you are a bit fat. Think of the bragging rights!

Have a nice day.

Day 62 Weight 99kg (218lbs)