Day 33 Review

It was a nice day. Except for my bicycle ride I took it easy today. The hot weather coupled with my low calorie intake has made me a bit lethargic and cranky. Though I don't really feel hungry I've decided to cut the exercise back and increase my calories for a few days. My wife has been very supportive and I don't wish my diet to interfere too much with our regular lives.

Day 33 Excercise

1 hour bicycle ride (slow)

Total 1 hour

Day 33 Calories

Yogurt, banana & soy milk 320
Vegetarian Chili 300
Raisins and Soy bar 210
Miso Soup & Salad 400
Pudding 240

Total 1470

Day 33 Weight 111kg (144lbs)

Day 32 Review

It was a good day. I was happy to hit 110kg. I did okay with my exercise but need to increase the intensity. My bad knee really restricts me but I will figure something out. I went of for Thai food today for lunch. I ordered Shrimp Tom Yam Soup. I should not have ordered the large size but I did give the rice away to my friend. She had the curry chicken and it smelled great.
It is another Friday night and I didn't go down to Pub. It was close today. It was a hot and I drove by the Irish pub... I just about stopped for a pint. My problem is, I know one pint would turn into 6 within a few hours. My fear of derailing my diet is really strong. It does not matter if I hit my 3 goal - only I tried my hardest.

Day 32 Excercise

45 min. swim (slow)
1 hour Batto Jitsu practice

Total 1 hour 45 min.

Day 32 Calories

Yogurt & banana 180
Tom Yam (Shrimp) soup 900
Vegetarian chili 300

Total 1380

Day 32 Weight 110kg (242lbs)

Random Thoughts

There is a an older gentleman I see on the treadmill quite often. We smile and exchange pleasantries. As my Japanese is poor I often act a bit stand offish. He commented, in Japanese, that I looked much better now. I thanked him. He continued in near perfect English. I have a bad habit of stereotyping Japanese - assuming they can't speak English.
It turns out he is retired doctor who was orphaned after WWII. The Americans were quite generous and sent him to the States on a full scholarship. He spoke very kindly about America. We talked about dieting and his belief in a bland, low calorie diet and lots of walking is the best way to lose weight. He suggested, a two hour walk 5 days a week. He figures the rise in obesity is a result of technology, parking lots and apathy. What a gent.

Day 31 Review

It was a good day. I should have pushed the exercise a bit more. Just another 15 minutes swimming and 30 minutes on the elliptical was do-able. I wimped out. I made a Vegetarian-Asian-Fusion-Chile tonight. It was too spicy for my wife but I liked it. I knew baked beans had a lot of calories but I did not realize edamame were also loaded with both calories and fiber. I pre made 6 cups. Ingredients were; baked beans, corn, edamame, konnyaku, konbu, slightly boiled gobo root and onion. I added Thai Sweet Chile sauce and red peppers. Total calories for the six cups is about 1800.

Day 31 Excercise

45 min. swim (slow)
30 min. elliptical machine
30 min. weight training (arms and chest)

Total 1 hour 45 min.

Day 31 Calories

cereal, soy milk, & banana 250
miso soup & sardines 270
vegetable chili & tofu 400
salad & hard boiled egg 300

Total 1220

Day 31 111kg (244lbs)

Day 30 Review

It was a great day. It was a national holiday here in Japan. I planned a family picnic and invited a friend who just had a baby. She invited another couple who also just had a baby. The weather was perfect. Everyone brought food and we all shared. Two hours of leisurely eating and enjoying the shade of a few big trees. I think I did pretty good. I ate a bit of everything but tried hard not to over eat. I planned the picnic after my batto jitsu practice and Sensei joined us. I think the old guy got a thrill hanging out with three mixed race babies. Life is good.

Day 30 Excercise

45 min swim (slow)
1 hour batto jitsu practice

Total 1 hour 45 min.

Day 30 Calories

banana & tofu 150
picnic lunch 1400?
salad 300

Total 1850

Day 30 111kg (244lbs)

Day 29 Review

It was a productive day. I was rocked this morning when I saw 113kg on the scale. I appreciate 1 kilogram up is not a big deal but I treated it as such anyways. I have a fear of plateaus as that is where I usually derail. I cut my calories down to 920 over 7 meals. For exercise I doubled my daily average and completed 4 hours. I don't care if I am 113kg tomorrow - I know I did as much as I could to avoid it.

Day 29 Excercise

1 hour swim (slow)
1 hour elliptical machine
30 min. weight training (arms and chest)
1 hour bicycle ride
30min. walk

Total 4 hours

Day 29 Calories

apple 60 (5:45 am)
banana & almonds 150 (7:45)
energy bar 120 (9:45)
chicken soup 120 (12:00)
sardines 150 (1:45)
tofu 120 (3:45)
chicken soup 120 & 2 meat balls 80 (5:45)

Total 920

Day 29 113kg (249lbs)

Random Thoughts

At the Dojo today I watched a man in his early seventies training with the tonfa. Those old Kobudo masters are impressive. Leaving the Dojo I saw the same guy having a smoke. I've wondered about this before. How is it Japan has a higher rate of smoking and a higher life expectancy? It reminded me of the French_paradox. The French eat way more animal fat and drink more wine than Americans yet have lower heart diseases. The food pyramid I was taught in school has now been thrown out the window. I believe a lot of experts know less than they are letting on.

Day 28 Reveiw

It was a good day. I was the only one in the sea today. Granted it was pretty cold. I heard an old lady grumble "crazy foreigner" when I came out of the ocean. Slowly, I will re-teach myself the front crawl. As my fitness improves it should be no problem. I want to be able to teach my son to swim. Food wise, a really good day. I understand I am eating too few calories but I don't seem to be hungry so I let my body decide. I notice though, I am grumpy before bed. My wife "claims" not to notice.

Day 28 Excercise

45 min swim (slow)
1 hour batto jitsu (scroll down for English prompt)

Total 1 hour 45 min.

Day 28 Calories

yogurt and monkey banana 150
soy milk 140
protein bar 120
miso soup and sardines 270
chicken stir fry 600
chocolate bar 140

Total 1420

Day 28 Weight 112kg (246lbs)

Day 27 Review

It was a great day. I swam in the ocean this morning. I'm useless but was able to do a hybrid breast stroke for 45 min. There were some US Marines swimming and they were out pacing me by at least 2 to 1. I found a real traditional tofu shop and bought some shima dofu (firm tofu). It is really good stuff. I am not sure why I did not include it in my diet so far. I didn't eat enough vegetables today, just a little in my soup with the konbu and konnyaku. I am hoping to be 112kg tomorrow morning.

Day 27 Excercise

45 min swim (slow)
1 hour bicycle ride (brisk)

Total 1hour 45 min.

Day 27 Calories

yogurt and banana 180
apple 60
tofu and hard boiled egg 180
miso soup 120
soybar and raisins 210
tofu and miso soup 280
sardines 150

Total 1180

Day 27 Weight 113kg (249lbs)