Day 19 Review

It was a good day. I was a bit shocked my weight went up. It is not a big deal. Family and social commitments are allowed to over ride a diet from time to time. I made up for it by reducing my calories and increasing my exercise. It is the third weekend I did not go to the pub. I will have to sacrifice pub night for the whole three months. I love beer. It is funny though. I can go months with out drinking beer and never really miss it, yet if I have just 2 beers it turns into 12 every single time.

Day 19 Exercise

1 hour walk (brisk)
1 hour bicycle ride (slow)
1 hour walk (brisk)

Total 3 hours

Day 19 Calories

yogurt and banana 180
almonds 180
soy bar 110
salad 120
miso soup 120
chicken 440
10 cups sanpin tea

Total 1150

Day 19 Weight 118kg (260lbs)

Day 18 Review

It was a good day. Our family went out for dinner at a Yakiniku restaurant. Basically, it is an indoor BBQ. You ring the bell, the waiter brings meat and you grill it at your table. I love Yakiniku. I probably ate one third of what I would normally eat. I did well. I do feel bad for my wife though. I was getting impatient to leave, so as not to be tempted. She wanted to stay and talk. We left things unsaid until we got back home and I thanked my wife for her support.

I skipped my evening exercise and watched movies with my wife. It was a good Friday night.

Day 18 Exercise

1 hour walk (brisk)

Total 1 hour

Day 18 Calories

yogurt and banana 180
hard boiled egg 80
miso veggie soup 120
apple 60
Yakiniku Restaurant 2000
(pork, beef chicken, lamb, fish, veggies and sauces)

Total 2440

Day 18 Weight 117kg (257lbs)

Random Thoughts

My Japanese is very poor but I understood the gist of the news program tonight on T.V. Basically, obesity is on the rise in Japan. One doctor blamed the American fast food industry and American culture. Nothing is that simple. It sounded like typical American bashing blended with excuse-ism. Then it hit me - Victim Hood. The Japanese doctor was playing Japan as the poor victim.
If Japan fully adopts the western idea of victim hood I predict the rise in obesity, here in Japan, will never reverse. The old stoic Budo ka, Zen and Buddhist priests would not be impressed.

Day 17 Review

Another good day. My knee is really sore but I have no complaints. I am trying hard to follow my plan and have stuck to it for the most part. I have been trying to reduce my calories from 1600 to 1400 for a few days. I am going out for dinner with my family this weekend and plan to blow my 1600 calorie limit.

Day 17 Excercise

1 hour walk (brisk)
30 min. bicycle ride (slow)

Total 1 hour 30 min.

Day 17 Calories

yogurt and banana 180
mixed nuts 240
miso soup 120
sardines 150
apple 80
chicken veggie stir fry 600
6 cups sanpin tea, 6 cups goya tea

Total 1370 calories

Day 17 Weight 118kg (260lbs)

Day 16 Review

It was a great day. It rained straight for the last two days but fortunately not hard enough to interfere with my exercise. After washing my son and cleaning up the kitchen I still had energy and motivation to go for a bicycle ride.
I met all 8 of my original goals today. It is still strange how thin I feel. It feels like my weight should be 5 kg lower than the current 119kg.
At the beginning of my diet I was not that regular. Probably the Konnyaku - a fibre monster. Now I am really regular. Almost every morning after my walk things start to work downstairs. They are so huge and so black. I have no idea why my crap is black. Maybe it is the konbu. Anyways things are working, so all is good.

Day 16 Excercise

1 hour walk (brisk)
30 min. elliptical
30 min. weight training (squat and abs)
45 min. bicycle ride (slow)

Total 2 hours 45 min.

Day 16 Calories

yogurt and banana 180
mixed nuts 180
chicken soup 240
snack bar 120
apple 60
pork veggie stir fry 600
6 cups sanpin tea 6 cups goya tea

Total 1380

Day 16 Weight 119kg (262lbs)

Random Thoughts

I googled "political correctness" and "diet" this evening and found an interesting article at Slate. The opening paragraph reads,

"Obesity is contagious like a virus. Willpower can't contain it. Stop blaming and stigmatizing fat people." The last paragraph reads,

"Maybe it's not nice to speak these truths. But maybe being nice, when you should be speaking the truth—especially to your friends—is the problem."

Slate is a mainstream liberal magazine so I was surprised to read that the author suggest that fat "stigma" is important to or even crucial in limiting obesity in society. Speaking as a fat man, and as much as it hurts to say - I agree.

Though this does not give people the right to bully, tease, humiliate, or overtly discriminate against people of large stature. There is a middle path.

You can read the whole article here.

Day 15 Review

It was a great day but the weather was terrible. It rained most of the day. I walked in the rain this morning and rode my bike in the rain this evening. The reason it was a great day - I enjoyed the small hurdles. They help me focus on my diet and my goals.
I am not fond of soft tofu. I prefer the extra firm tofu. My wife cuts it up and puts it in soup and salad. I also like eating it plain with cracked pepper and a little soy.

Day 15 Excercise

1 hour walk (brisk)
45 min. bicycle ride (slow)

Total - 1 hour 45min.

Day 15 Calories

yogurt and banana 180
almonds and raisins 270
miso soup 120
tuna salad 360
Okinawa tofu 300
huge mixed salad 320
6 cups sanpin tea, 6 cups goya tea

Total 1550

Random Thoughts

I was thinking about a book I lent out but never got back. The Crooked Cucumber, the story of of the Zen priest Shunryu Suzuki. Suzuki was ridiculed growing up for being poor and the son of a priest. Around 12 he started his apprenticeship as a Zen priest. His teacher, not impressed with his forgetfulness gave him the nickname Crooked Cucumber. It was not meant to be flattering but I believe the name was given as sign of love. Suzuki went on to be a very famous Zen practitioner in San Fransisco.

Everyday in Japan I am called big or fat. I am both. My Sensei tells me I move like an elephant on the dojo floor. I do. To our western sensibilities this is considered rude. My experience in Japan, it is considered being truthful. Does being "polite" in the west contribute to obesity? We are very-thin skinned in the west, does this contribute to obesity? Does political correctness contribute to obesity?

I believe it is easier to be fat in the west than in Asia. If this is true, than why?

Day 15 Weight 119kg (262lbs)

Day 14 Review

It was a good day today. I added swimming to my exercise routine. It was a pathetic attempt. I lasted 15 minutes. But, I am not going to give up. Swimming is important for two reason. First, when my son is older I want to take him snorkeling. Second, my bad knee limits what exercises I can do safely. Swimming will add variety to my routine.

I believe I am doing well with my meals. I bought almonds recently and will look for walnuts. My calorie intake is lower than my 1600 calorie goal. Except for chocolate cravings, I don't feel hungry. I'll let my body decide.

Day 14 Excercise

  • 1 hour walk (brisk)
  • 15 min. swim (very slow)
  • 30 min. weight training (arms and chest)

Total - 1 hour 45 min.

Day 14 Calories

  • yogurt and banana 180
  • raisins 90
  • almonds 60
  • sardines 150
  • miso vegetable soup 120
  • apple 60
  • chicken stir fry 600
  • chocolate bar 140
  • 6 cups sanpin tea, 6 cups goya tea

Total 1400

Day 14 Weight 120kg (264lbs)

Random Thoughts

I mean no offence to the fitness "experts" but I am very suspicious of your advice. The reason is plain - so many experts and so much different advice. No one ever seems to be on the same page. That is why I read blogs - diet blogs of successful and failed dieters. Though I only bookmark the bloggers who are successful. I want to remain optimistic.

Day 13 Review

It was a good day. I am amazed my weight has not dropped more. I feel thinner and earlier today my wife mentioned that she could see a difference. I can feel the intensity of my workouts increasing. In just the first two weeks I have shaved 15 min. off my walking route. Due to a serious knee injury I am restricted on how hard I can push "it". I go to bed around 11 and have no problem waking up for my 6am walk. I am happy with my progress.

Day 13 Excercise

  • 1 hour walk (brisk)
  • 30 min elliptical machine
  • 30 min weight training (squat and abs)

Total 2 hours

Day 13 Calories

  • yogurt 90
  • almonds 60
  • sardines 150
  • miso veggie soup 240
  • beef stir fry 600
  • 6 cups sanpin tea, 6 cups goya tea

Total 1140

Day 13 Wieght 120kg (264lbs)