Day 61 Review

It was a really nice day. I met a guy leaving the Bar at 9am on my morning walk. Considering he started drinking 12 hours earlier, he was doing all right. We walked together for close to 20 minutes. Like most Japanese, he figured I was American. I didn't tell him otherwise. His sister married an American and now lives in Colorado. He had a lot of nice things to say about Boulder and President Obama.

Weird. Later that day I saw a really attractive Japanese girl wearing an "Yes we Can" T-shirt in Starbucks. A couple of great "pick-up" lines popped into my head when I sheepishly remembered, I am happily married. This is the second time I have seen the same T-shirt. Last time was on some senior citizen ladies. Mr. Obama is a Rock Star in Japan.

I increased my exercise and dropped my calories today. I would like to be 99kg tomorrow, if not then Monday morning. Tomorrow is "All fruit Sunday". I will try and limit my exercise as well.

Good Night and Peace

Day 61 Excercise

2 hour walk
1 hour 15 minutes Elliptical Trainer
45 minutes weight training (Legs & Abs)

Total 4 hours

Day 61 Calorie

Yogurt 90
Soy Milk & Cheese 210
Banana 80
Yogurt & Orange 180
Raw Carrot Sticks & Boiled Gobo Root 80
Miso Soup, Firm Tofu & an Apple 320

Total 960

Day 61 Weight 100kg (220lbs)

Day 60 Review

It was a good day and I am satisfied I am trying my hardest while maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regime. I feel fine and have lots of energy. I am not cranky any more at night but still feel hungry before bed. I have successfully fought this urge to eat for the last two months.

This being Friday night I still miss going to the Pub, talking with friends and meeting new people. I also miss drinking red wine with my wife.

I have just one more month left to complete my 3 month diet. I'll be back to the Pub soon and drinking wine with my wife. The next goal will be learning to do things in moderation. A much more difficult goal than dieting.

Good Night and Peace

Day 60 Excercise

1 hour Batto Jitsu Practice

Total 1 hour

Day 60 Calories

Cereal & Soy Milk 320
Orange & Almonds 140
Shirataiki Salad & Firm Tofu 240
Apple & Almonds 200
Orange & HB Egg 160
Miso Soup, Mixed Salad & Saba (Mackerel) 700
Chocolate Cake 400

Total 2160

Random Thoughts

While getting ready for work I was thinking about Jerry Hayes the 64 year old guy who was eliminated from the Biggest Loser Contest in the second week and insultingly called "weak" by Trainer Julian Michaels. He went home and lost 177 pounds in 5 months, came back to the show and won 100,000USD.

In the Political Correct school of Fitness Trainers, I doubt they encourage Personal Trainers to call Senior Citizens "Weak" after failing to keep up. I sincerely, doubt Michaels meant to be insulting. It might have been an off the cuff comment.

Hayes was bitter. He went home and worked hard. He lost 177lbs (80kg) in 5 months. Came back to the show and won 100,000USD. He had been brooding about Michaels' comment and planned to confront her. Seeing his opportunity he picked her up on stage, live in front of millions of viewers and suggested to her that he indeed - was not weak. What a guy. You can read about it here.

I learned 3 things from 64 year old cool grandpa, Mr. Hayes.

1) To laugh at people who push the myth that losing 1-2 pounds as week is the "only" safe way. It is safe. It is true for some but not true for all. Be healthy and let your body decide how much wieght to lose.

2) I really hate people commenting, questioning and pointing out my "girth" day in and day out. I find it very uncivilized. That said, I acknowledge, like Michaels "weak" comment, it can be a great motivator to lose weight.

3)In general, I suspect the older generation has thicker skin and is mentally tougher than my generation.

Have a nice day.

Day 60 Weight 100kg (220lbs)
Down 27kg or 60 pounds in two months

Day 59 Review

It was a good day. After putting our son to bed I went for a 2 hour walk in the rain. I've been 101kg for 5 days now and I am hoping to drop to 100kg tomorrow for Day 60. That would be a nice round number which would mean I lost 27Kg or 60 pounds in 60 days. 1 pound a day diet.

Lots of people have lost more weight and many people have struggled to lose a fraction of that weight in two months. Really, the numbers are meaningless. If you are eating in a fairly healthy manner and staying active, the rate in which one loses weight does not matter. I sincerely believe every single dieter is on a personal journey. The diet and goals one chooses, should reflect their abilities, circumstances and above all, their personality.

Someone says, "good job losing weight". Of course it makes me feel good and I am thankful for their kindness. But, I would find it more agreeable if people said, "great job sticking to your diet".

Good Night and Peace.

Day 59 Excercise

1 hour 15 minutes Elliptical Trainer
45 minutes Weight Training (Arms & Chest)
2 hours walk

Total 4 hours

Day 59 Calories

Yogurt & Plums 180
Almonds & Carrot Sticks 140
Banana 80
Mixed Salad, Tofu & HB Egg 360
2 Oranges 160
Pork Stir Fry 600

Total 1520

Day 59 Weight 101Kg (222lbs)

Day 58 Review

It was a good day. Day in and day out I am following through with my 12 daily goals I set out 2 months ago.

One thing I did not plan to do at the beginning was weight training and I am glad I have incorporated it in my exercise. I noticed a trend among diet bloggers who are or have been successful with their weight loss. Most, include weight (strength) training. As you add weight to your lifts and your muscles tone improves your confidence and outlooks gets a big boost.

There is more to it than that though. I can't explain why but adding muscle helps increase metabolism. One guy, who I believe knows what he is talking about is Lyle McDonald at Body Recomposition. Specifically, this post today has really made me think more about how to better incorporate weight training in my life.

You might be wondering if I am being compensated in some way. I am not. Mr. McDonald is an author but I have not read any of his books. I just like what I read on his blog and have no problem suggesting people take a look.

Another blogger I like what he says about weight training is JC, at JCD Fitness.

One more thing you might want to check out from the local English Newspaper in Japan. It appears vitamins are old school. Check it out here at, Latest health craze goes straight for the jugular.

Day 58 Excercise

45 minute walk (stairs & hills)
1 hour Batto Jitsu practice

Total 1 hour 45 minutes

Day 58 Calories

Cereal & Soy Milk 320
Almonds & Plums 120
Chicken Soup & H.B. Egg 400
Almonds & Cheese 130
Shirataki Noodle Salad & Sashimi (Tuna, Salmon & Squid) 700

Total 1670

Day 58 Weight 101Kg (222lbs)

Day 57 Review

It was a good day. I can tell my strength is increasing as I just graduated to the bottom of the dumbbell rack. When lifting I go as hard as I can with few breaks. High reps with progressive weight increases. My goal is to keep my heart rate up and exhaust my muscles. Once my 3 months diet is finished I plan to continue weight training during my maintenance stage. However, I will seek advice and put together a more structured plan.

I train at a community Gym. It is cheap, 160 yen a visit. ($1.50US). It gets really busy though. As I am a foreigner with poor language skills it is hard to "work in" with the big boys. Though I appreciate that in Gyms, the world over - locals tend to (justifiably) monopolize the equipment. I am slowly becoming a regular and my strength is increasing. Soon I will get more assertive. They are all nice guys, no worries.

As a reminder to myself I have to stop stereotyping all Japanese as non English speakers. I was talking to this guy in the Gym with my poor immigrant language skills and he replied in English. It turned out he is Firefighter on one of US Air force Bases. Nice guy. He came over to comment that I was doing really well with my diet. What a nice guy.

Random Thoughts

For about 1 month I have been following John is Fit Blog. You can read his "About" page here. This page is dated August 1st 2007. In the right column is a chart chronicling John's present progress. The chart clearly shows John is struggling. The reason I like "John is Fit" is John is an honest person. He is keeping it real and is not giving up.

Though I have great things to say about John I have to be upfront about my motivation for writing this post. John has a contest running that I hope lots of people enter. Whether I win the 250 dollars or you win the 250 dollars is not important. It is good to help an old hand who has been grinding it out for close to two years now. You can find the contest details here.

I am a bit older than John and by the looks of things, he has more hair (on his head). We are both on a diet with the same goal - lose weight. However our journeys are not the same nor should they be. But the goal posts are in the same place. We will both succeed.

Random Thoughts

In the gym today there were three sweet senior ladies wearing "Yes We Can" T-Shirts. I really have a tonne of respect for President Obama.

What does President Obama have to do with dieting? Quite a bit in my opinion.

Here is a guy who admits to using Cocaine and smoking Pot. Here is a guy who admits to drinking in High School. Here is an honest man.

President Obama used to be heavy smoker. Wisely he gave it up when he ran for President. Yet, I remember reading on Reuters that he admitted to "falling off the wagon" a few times and having a smoke or two. Here is an honest man. A real human being.

It is obvious, he is fit. I remember seeing him on the Japanese news coming out of a Gym in Hawaii. The same news clipping claimed he told some press staff they could put a few beers on his tab at the Golf course. What a Gent. He is also a great family man.

I believe if you want to lose weight you have to be honest with yourself and those around you. If the President of United States can be honest and keep it real, it should not be too hard for us.

Good Night and Peace

Day 57 Excercise

1 hour 15 minutes Elliptical Trainer
45 minutes Weight Training (Arms & Chest)

Total 2 hours

Day 57 Calories

Cereal & Soy Milk 320
Almonds & Plums 120
Baked Bean Salad & Sardines 320
Hard Boiled Egg 80
Curry Soup, Shirataki Salad & Steamed Chicken 700
Chocolate bar 190

Total 1730

Day 57 Weight 101Kg (222lbs)

Random Thoughts

I just finished reading a biography of Sir Winston Churchill. What a great man. Actually he was voted the Greatest Briton of all time.

Churchill was Prime Minister of the UK during some very trying times. He was an Officer, Historian, Author, Artist, and Nobel Prize Winner (Literature)

Once a busy body pointed out, "You, Mr Churchill, are drunk." Churchill replied, "And you, Lady Astor, are ugly. But I shall be sober in the morning."

Churchill was, by today's standards, an alcoholic. He smoked. He was obese. He suffered from depression and even gave his Funk the special name, Black Dog.

Churchill lived to the ripe age of 91.

Why don't the Fat Lobby groups point out and celebrate famous fat people? For the same reasons Tobacco Lobby groups don't. It is politically incorrect. The Fat Lobby groups want to make fat people victims.

Being thin does not make you a better person, father, husband or friend. But if you want to lose weight I really feel you have to lose the victim hood mentality.

Good Night and Peace.

Day 56 Review

It was a really good day. My fitness is really improving. I finished my early morning Stairs & Hills Route in 45 minutes, down from 1 hour. I saw my first Habu Snake , the local Viper. Fortunately or not, it had been run over by a car.

I am still drinking 1 litre of Sanpin(Jasmine) Tea and 1 litre of Goya (Bitter Melon) Tea every day. Except for coffee and soup, this is the only liquids I have been consuming lately. Following other successful diet bloggers I know I need to increase my water consumption.

Day 56 Excercise

45 minute walk (stairs & hills)
1 hour Batto Jitsu Practice

Total 1 hour 45 minutes

Day 56 Calories

Cereal, Soy Milk, & half an Apple 360
Almonds & Banana 140
Sanma (Pacific Saury), Baked Beans & Mixed Salad 500
Almonds 60
Miso Soup, Mixed Salad & Hamburger Patty 700

Total 1760

Day 56 Weight 101kg (222lbs)

Day 55 Review

It was a nice day. We took our son to the park today. I did some skating and we walked along the Sea Wall. Tomorrow I will go back to eating a more balanced diet.

Good Night and Peace.

Day 55 Exercise

1 hour Inline Skating

Total 1 hour.

Day 55 Calories

Apple 80 (6:00am)
Yogurt 90 (7:00)
Plums 150 (10:00)
Avocado 240 (11:00)
Orange 80 (1:00)
Mango 150 (3:00)
Grapefruit 90 (5:00)
Yogurt 90 (7:00)

Total 970

Day 55 Weight 101kg (222lbs)