Random Thoughts

At a party tonight the topic of my weight came up as it always does. Almost every day someone comments about my weight. I could get angry but choose to be tolerant of insensitive people.

I hurt the feelings of one of my readers. My first comment ever and it rattled me. I don't blog to hurt people. I am sorry. Please understand, in my experience, western people have become less tolerant of smokers. Now, there are less smokers. However, comparing my grandfathers generation to my generation people have become more tolerant of fat people. Now, there are more fat people.

I wonder if this "tolerance" contributes to obesity in the West? I have lived in Asia for 10 years and have found Asians to be insensitive (less tolerant) of fat people. I wonder if this "insensitivity" contributes to the lower "fatness" of Asians? (This is changing, obesity is on the rise in Asia as well)

Now I am lucky. I have some minor injuries that makes losing weight difficult but not impossible. I know there are people out there that are overweight because of medical conditions like my friend Baba who has thyroid problems. If people are aware of medical conditions and don't make an extra effort to be understanding then those people are very uncivilized, aren't they?

I learned today, my skin is not as thick as I thought.

Day 5 Review

Not a bad day. I woke up and my knee was swollen. Decided to go to the gym but only did 45 min - half of my daily goal. My wife and I made a huge salad for lunch. 9 kinds of veggies with home made wasabi vinegar dressing. I added ground gobo root to my dressing.

I went to a sayounara party tonight. It was hard. I paid about 50usd for all you can drink and eat for two hours. I got some grief for not drinking from my Sensei. There were 12 of us and 32 plates of food were brought over the 2 hours. I stuck with the sashimi, beef and vegetable dishes and passed on the deep fried food, rice and noodles. I did have the mystery dessert and it was really good. I hope I over estimated the calories I consumed at dinner.

Day 5 Excercise

  • gym (barbells only) 45 min

Total 45 min

Day 5 Calories

  • yogurt and a banana - 180
  • 2 raw carrots - 90
  • huge mixed salad (8 kinds of veggies) - 450
  • 2 hard boiled eggs - 160
  • sashimi (raw fish) 500?
  • vegetables raw and cooked with sauces(s) 500?
  • mystery tofu dessert (delicious) 300?
  • ? ate at a restaurant, guessed
  • 16 cups of sanpin tea

Total 2180 calories

Day 5 123kg (271lbs)

Random Thoughts

An attractive woman approached me in the Video store tonight. I was amazed, it was my old Japanese tutor. She use to volunteer at the community school where I take free Japanese lessons. I told her how great she looked. She blushed. I asked how much weight she lost. Almost 20 kg in 4 months - a third of her body weight. I though she looked great before and told her so. She replied that she never had a problem with her weight but she wanted to get married. Her mother told her she should lose weight because thinner women had more potential suitors than heavier girls. After she got married she could put the weight back on. Sounded all wrong but sensible.

Random Thoughts

Blogging and diets are very similar. Both are activities. It takes tenacity to stick to both commitments. Anyone can go on a diet or start blogging - I am a living witness. There are experts in both fields. Having a nice body or a nice blog are both rewarding.

I wonder if blogging about diets is risky. If you fail at your diet then by default your blog is a failure. Every time you look in the mirror or log on - it right there, in your face. Being a double failure sucks. But here lies the benefit of blogging about your diet. For better or worse you are forced to hyper focus and concentrate on your diet. A second benefit, for me, is the threat of embarrassment - a powerful motivator.

Day 4 Review

It was a good day. Though, some of my friends are angry about not going out for drinks tonight. As much as I love to party I know it will derail my diet. I bought konnyaku noodles today and put them in my soup. I find them much easier to eat than the block konnyaku. I also bought fresh goya. It was ridiculously expensive though.

I am also struggling with setting up my blog. It is not the way I want it. I am restricted by my poor computer skills - but I won't let it stop me.

Day 4 Excersise

  • 1.5 hour walk - slow
  • 0.5 hour walk - brisk

Total - 2 hours

Day 4 Calories

  1. yogurt and banana - 180
  2. soy milk -210
  3. huge mix veg salald with oil - 400
  4. sardines 150
  5. a carrot and a snack bar 210
  6. stir fry vegetables 350
  7. miso soup and veggies 120
  8. 12 cups sanpin tea

Total - 1620 calories

Day 4 Weight 124kg (273lbs)

Day 3 Review

It was a good day. Some sweet cravings but was able to hold out. My wife is a sweetheart. She returned home from shopping with no chocolate or ice cream. I made a really bland dinner and she just smiled and lied. I also ate my target of 1.5 cups of konnyaku. It was a struggle.

I decided to rotate the bathroom scale 180 degrees when I take my morning pictures. I would prefer the lines in the floor run vertical instead of horizontal on my blog. I plan to read my blogging for dummies book before I go to bed tonight.

Random Thoughts

Is it possible, people in the West are fat because it is politically incorrect to point out the obvious. Do you think, if fat people were pounded in society like smokers, there would be less fat people?

Day 3 Excercise

  • 45 min walk - slow
  • 45 min walk - bit faster

Total 1.5 hours

Day 3 Calories

  • yogurt and banana 180
  • soy Milk 210
  • 5 cups fish veg. soup 400
  • sardines and cheese 250
  • boiled veggies and konnyaku 200
  • chicken steamed 260
  • box of raisins 90
  • 6 cups sanpin tea, 6 cups goya tea

Total 1590 calories

Day 3 Weight 124kg (272lbs)

Day 2 Review

I did a good job today. Again, I am struggling to eat 1.5 cups of konnyaku. I put some in the soup and salad. Japanese people take slices and dip it in different sauces. I will try this tomorrow. Also, there was no goya at the store today. I bought goya tea instead.

Random Thoughts

Is being fat a choice? Yes it is, for most of us. I don't believe this but I know if we blame something or someone else, we will never reach a healthy weight.

One of my problems is physical. My knees are shot and my lower back aches. I have to make a choice, fight through the pain or be fat. I have chosen to minimize my pain by choosing low impact exercises.

I believe another problem is physiological. My body struggles. I gain weight so easily. I'm told -simply eat less, exercise more. I don't believe it is that simple. I have to choose food that gives me more than calories. I know my body needs more of somethings and less of others. What exactly, I do not know. But, I can choose to try. I can choose, not to give-up - searching for what my body needs.

My biggest problem is in my head. Other people have their own problems in their heads to care what madness is going on in my head. Like others, I am a saboteur. I have made a choice to fight my instincts by hyper focusing. Keep it simple, put my head down and fight.

Day 2 Excercise

  • 30 min walk - slow
  • 30 min walk - slow
  • 30 min walk - slow

Total 1.5 hours

Day 2 Calories

  • low fat yogurt 90
  • an apple 60
  • 1.5 cups tomato juice 90
  • 4 cups spicy veg soup 200
  • 1 cup pork chili 250
  • 1 box raisins 90
  • a banana 90
  • Big Spinach Salad and Oil 200
  • 1 cup pork chili 250
  • chocolate bar 140
  • box of raisins 90
  • 12 cups of sanpin tea

Total 1550 calories

Day 2 125kg (275lbs)

Day 1 Review

It was an okay day. Should not have eaten the chocolate bars or skipped dinner. Kept all my of my 8 goals except for the konnyaku. I should have eaten another half cup.
8 goals.
  1. Weight myself every day for 3 months
  2. Keep calories under 1600 a day for 3 months
  3. 1.5 hours exercise every day 3 months

Holistic Doctor's Advice

  1. Drink 12 cups of sanpin Tea every day for 3 months
  2. Eat 1.5 cups of konnyaku jelly every day for 3 months
  3. Eat half a goya everyday for three months
  4. Eat 10cm of gobo root everyday for three months
  5. Eat a big pinch of Konbu seaweed 3 times a week

Random Thoughts

It is all madness is it not. We are told not to judge a book by it's cover. But we do anyways. Men and women; gay or straight, westerners, Asians, or folks from the middle east. We all judge people by their appearance.

Is this a basic primal instinct based on a need to survive and reproduce?

I know there is no crime in judging people by their appearance. Though, if you act on your judgment we are in a gray zone. If you don't sit down besides someone in the park because he or she is a different color - you might be a racist. If you don't sit down beside someone because they are fat - what are you?

Fat people are victims of discrimination but for the most part, it is socially acceptable or at least tolerated. I think it is because people see, being overweight - as a choice.

Day 1 Excercise

  • walk 30 min - slow
  • walk 30 min - slow
  • walk 60 min - slow

Total 2 hours

Day 1 Calories

  • yogurt -130
  • chocolate bar -140
  • 1 carrot -30
  • 4 cup veg. stir fry 400
  • 2 cups miso soup w/konyakku & gobo - 250
  • 0.5 goya boiled - 30
  • 1.5 cups soy milk -210
  • chocolate bar 140
  • banana -100
  • 2 boxes raisins -180
  • 12 cups of sanpin tea

Total 1610 calories

Day 1 Weight - 127kg (280lbs)

I know I am going to break all "rules" of dieting. The only rule I won't break is probably the only important rule. I had a health check-up recently. Besides, slightly high blood pressure I am perfectly fit for a 127 kg man. I am 185cm (6 feet) tall, "big bonned" and 41 years old. Besides my weight and age I feel like I am still in my 20's.

Goal - Lose 42 Kg (92lbs) in 3 months

I know it is crazy. But I am going to follow the advice given to me by the old Okinawan/Taiwanese man. On top of that, I plan to do 3 additional things every day for 3 months
  1. Weigh myself every morning.
  2. Count every calorie and keep it under 1600 day.
  3. Exercise 1.5 hours everyday.

Tomorrow I start my 3 month Okinawa Diet

I am tired of being over weight. I can't count how many times I've lost weight and gained it back . I weigh 127kg (280 Lbs.) Being so big in Japan is a nuisance. My weight is always the main topic of conversation where ever I go. I am desperate to lose weight.

Last year I met a holistic doctor in a small restaurant. He examined my head, neck and arms and gave me 5 pieces of advice:

  1. Drink 12 cups of warm sanpin tea each day for 3 months.
  2. Eat 1.5 cups of konnyaku jelly each day for 3 months.
  3. Eat half of a medium size goya (bitter mellon) each day for 3 months.
  4. Eat 10cm of boiled gobo (burdock) root each day for 3 months.
  5. Eat a big pinch of konbu seaweed 3 times a week for the rest of my life

He was a well meaning and sincere man. He was born in Taiwan. His father was Okinawan. But I ignored his advice. Now I plan to give it a try. I am desperate. I am tired of my weight being the main topic of conversation. I am tired of "small" seats and narrow corridors. I am just tired.