Day 75 Review

It was a good day. My wife went out with her friends for lunch and I took my little buddy to the museum and then to the park for a long walk and a little picnic.

I am posting early today. Dinner is finished, the kitchen is cleaned and little buddy is washed-up. I'm going to Mass and then to a friends house to watch the Lions get pounded by South Africa in tonight's Test Match in Durban. Sure, the Lions are composed of players from 4 countries, a bit like cheating, but I hardly blame them. They have done well against the "Provincial" teams so far but today will be different. Go, South Africa.

Day 75 Excercise

1 hour bicycle ride

Total 1 hour

Day 75 Calories

Cereal & Soy Milk 250 (6:00)
One fourth an Avocado 60 (8:00)
On fourth an Avocado 60 (10:30)
Almonds, Celery & Carrot Sticks 200 (1:00)
Banana & Cheese 150 (3:00)
Mixed Salad, Pork & an Apple 480 (6:00)

Total 1200


15 beers & Sashimi 3000

Total 4200

Random Thoughts

My apologies to those who are about to eat. I just wanted to post a picture of my blister that almost healed itself in one day. Of course, you would have taken my word for it but I thought a picture of my foot, in terrible condition, would help make my next point clear.

Exercising in the rain, day after day, sucks. Not socializing sucks. Not drinking beer sucks. Plainly, Dieting sucks. But, in the big picture it is all worth it.

Lots of people get blisters. No big deal. But, I am telling you "fat" people have to grind through a lot more than just blisters. Thankfully, I did not take a picture of the rash between my legs that bled on occasion, as I would have also posted it. I have heard other "fat" dieters have had nasty rashes on the inside of their arms.

My friend developed a terrible rash under her breasts. She was hospitalized, forced the hospital to give her a breast reduction, went on a liquid diet. Came out 12kg lighter and went on to lose another 3o kg. Finally, she "came out" and is happily living in Sydney with her very hot partner.

"Fat" people, who have lost weight already know all this, but intuitively never share it. Right or wrong, we understand people, outside our loved ones, probably feel we deserve it. Depending on your peer or social group, sharing stories of your swollen red bag would result in some humorous but unbearable ridicule. I love my friends but know they would never tire of heaping jokes on me. To quote my Welsh friend. "bloody punters."

I am writing this for the fat people who are just starting their diets. You may or may not experience some discomfort. If you do, who cares, fight through it. To my way of thinking, the fewer people you tell about your discomforts the stronger you become. The only reason my wife knows about my condition, she washed the blood from my socks and underwear.

Day 75 Weight 95kg (209lbs)

Day 74 Review

A really good day. I purposely made my last appointment at an office close to the Pub. I stopped in again just as it opened, had an expensive bottle of water and left before any patrons arrived. I do miss drinking beer and relaxing with good people.

It is 10pm and I'm going to finish the Bridgeshead Revisited (Evelyn Waugh) and go to bed. Surprisingly, I am not hungry.

The rainy season is just about finished. I bought 2 new pairs of sneakers in the last 2 weeks in order to have a dry pair handy. The new shoes coupled with wet feet have resulted in some nasty bloody blisters. I have made out fine but this morning I noticed my left heel slightly infected. I decided to limit my excercise to bicycling today. On the plus side, I managed to cycle up a long hill, without stopping, for the first time. I did not think about my mini achievement until I arrived home.

Good Night

Day 74 Excercise

1 hour bicycle ride

Total 1 hour

Day 74 Calories

Yogurt & half an Avocado 165 (6:00)
Grapefruit 80 (8:00)
11 Almonds 55 (10:00)
Vegetable Soup, Tofu & a Banana 300 (12:30)
16 Almonds 80 (4:00)
Mixed Salad & 2oz steamed chicken 400 (6:00)
Half an Avocado 120 (7:00)

Total 1200

Random Thoughts

My weight is down 1.4kg(3lbs) from yesterday and is now basically where it was 5 days ago.

Well it is prudent to think about and consider why it fluctuated, I don't believe finding "the" answer is important. My body did what it wanted to do - just trying to stay healthy. I stayed the course, things worked out.

Twice a week the nice Yakult lady delivers a special drink my wife loves and yogurt. My wife told her I was on a diet and she kindly gave her a sample of a diet yogurt that has just 45 calories. I had it for breakfast with half an Avocado and it was great.

I imagine a dietitian would cringe but I decided to try and reduce my calories to 1200 a day average for the next week and a half. That is a reduction of 20% from my current 1500 average. Considering my weight has dropped 25% from 127kg(280lbs) I don't feel it is a big deal.

I suspect the hunger pains before bed and my cranky moments will return. With time they went away after I dropped my daily calories from 4000 to 1500. I am prepared for the "fight".

Have a nice day.

Day 74 Weight 96kg (211lbs)

Day 73 Review

It was a great day. While it rained this morning and afternoon it finally let up and it was nice evening for a walk. For the first time in 20 years, since my knee operation, I tried jogging. It was pathetic as I could complete only 20 meters before I returned to walking. I suspect the problem is more in my head than my legs. However, I must remain conservative as I can't afford a knee injury.

When I make salad I dice up 4 cups of what ever vegetables we have available. For simplicity sake, I count 1 (heaping) cup, as 40 calories. Today's salad was cabbage, carrots, gobo, leek, shiitaki mushrooms, celery and red pepper. Salad dressing is 1 table spoon olive oil, and a half a shot glass of apple vinegar with wasabi paste mixed in. I count it as 160 calories. Sometimes I use Dijon mustard, garlic or ginger paste instead of the wasabi. Always, lots of cracked pepper. Depending on my daily calorie goal I might leave out the olive oil.

Day 73 Excercise

45 minute walk (stairs & hills)
1 hour Elliptical Trainer
1 hour weight training (arms & chest)
1 hour walk with intermittent jogging

Total 3 hours 45 minutes

Day 73 Calories

An Apple 80 (7:00)
Soy Milk 140 (8:00)
Orange 80 (10:00)
Mixed Salad 300 (12:30)
An Apple 80 (3:00)
Mixed Salad & 2oz Steamed Salmon 400 (6:00)
Half an Avocado 120 (8:00)

Total 1200

Random Thoughts

A few people sent me very kind emails.

Thank you very much.

Good Luck to you.


Random Thoughts

My weight dropped 0.2kg to 97.6 It is still up 1.2kg from 2 days ago. Very curious.

My first thought it was a result of salt. Due to the forces to be, I had a large McD's French Fries yesterday so I was not able to cut my salt back as I planned.

Another thought was that I was dehydrated when I dropped to 96.4kg as I just came off two low calorie days of fruit and vegetables. Hard to believe, as I regularly drink 4 plus litres of liquid a day. I have also had a bowel movement every day - can't be that.

My new theory is my scale might need batteries. I know it is a stretch. But when I first weighed myself this morning I was 96.6. I went to get my camera and my son decided to play "trampoline" on the scale. He is a very curious boy. Next 10 times I got on the scale it read 97.6kg.

Anyways, no worries. It would like to know why but the answer is not that important. The most important thing is to keep grinding. By accepting the fact, diets suck and should not be "fun", is the only way (I) stay sane. A hat tip to those who can make their diet "fun". Silently, I mock your make-belief -world.

I will eliminate salt today. Get new batteries and somehow check the calibration of my scale. Bring my calories down to 1200. And, fit in 3 hours of exercise.

Day 73 Weight 98kg (216lbs)

Day 72 Review

The rain has not let up, still it was a pretty good day. Yesterday, I bought a Japanese Melon for about 35 USD. I was telling my wife what a great guy I was and she gently reminded me I sometimes spend triple that much for one night in the Pub. Ouch.

In the chance any Japanese Nationals are reading this I have to say you are all so kind and generous - almost to a fault.

Almost to a fault?

If I ask you not to buy me any food, it means don't buy me any French Fries. If I ask you not to buy me a beer, it means don't buy me a beer. If I ask you not to buy me a souvenir from you trip abroad, it means don't buy me a souvenir. When I ask you over for dinner and ask that you don't bring food, it means don't bring food.

A NO reply is absolute.

But a yes reply to an offer or question is a bit tricky. If you offer to buy me a beer in the Pub and I say yes, it means great just buy me a pint of the cheap swill. If you buy me a pint of the premium stuff, I am of course happy. If I invite you for dinner and ask you to bring a couple bottles of wine and you bring 4 bottles, that is great. Same goes for beer. If you go abroad and ask if I would like a T shirt from St. Andrews golf course and I say yes but you bring me back a sweater instead - I am very happy.

I added an additional 1.5 hours on my planned 1 hour walk tonight to make up for the French Fries "present".

Day 72 Exercise

45 minutes walk (hills & stairs)
2.5 hour walk

Total 3 hours 15 minutes

Day 72 Calories

Cereal & Soy Milk 250 (6:00)
Banana 80 (7:30)
Almonds & Raisins 150 (10:00)
Celery Sticks, Boiled Gobo & Japanese Melon 240 (Noon)
Almonds & Raisins 150 (2:00)
McD's Large Fries 500 (4:30)
Chicken Soup & Yogurt 340 (6:00)

Total 1710

Random Thoughts

A very curious weigh-in this morning. My weight increased 1.4kg(3lbs) from yesterday. This has happened 4 times since I started my diet. I find these days very interesting. I made no changes to my diet. I had a bowel movement yesterday afternoon.

I believe it is just my body doing what it wants to do to keep things "good". These kind of days are interesting but more important probably very healthy. In my head, things don't add up but things do add up somewhere. I accept I will never probably understand nor is it important that I do. Shit in my life works like that sometimes.

I drank 4 litres of water and tea yesterday. What I am wondering about is the amount of salt I consumed. Miso is loaded in salt. The shiritaki noodles I ate are made with natural unrefined sea salt. (loaded in minerals). The sardines I ate are also packed in sea water. Topping off the salt frenzy, I drowned my firm tofu in soy sauce - loaded in salt.

I never add salt to my meals or while cooking and my blood pressure is 115/90. So I don't worry too much about it. I am wondering if salt has something to do with the increase in weight. If it does or doesn't it is not a big deal. Just keep on grinding it out.

Have a nice day

Day 72 Weight 98kg (216lbs)

Day 71 Review

It was a good day.

Day 71 Excercise

1 hour Elliptical Trainer
1 hour weight training (arms & chest)

Total 2 hours

Day 71 Calories

Cereal, Soy Milk & Yogurt 340
Carrot Sticks & Raisins 130
Miso Soup, Firm Tofu & a Peach 380
Raisin, Peach & half an Apple 210
Shirataki Salad & Sardines 460

Total 1520

Day 71 Weight 96kg (211lbs)

Day 70 Review

It was a very wet day. The reservoirs are filling up and the farmers are hopefully happy. I was late getting to the gym. With only an hour and a half to train I decided to reduce my weight training by half and hour. I ate over 2000 calories today in order to bring my daily average calorie count closer to 1500. I feel stuffed.

I wrote about this before. My wife's 93 year old grandfather often repeats an old piece of advice - Hara Hachi Bu. Which means you should stop eating when your stomach is 80% full. Okinawans are some of the longest living people in the world so the advice is probably sound. The trouble is knowing when you are 80% full. Also, if you are only eating three meals a day, it is a challange. In my experience, Okinawans eat 4 or 5 meals a day and are always snacking. The big thing is the much smaller portions.

Day 70 Excercise

1 hour elliptical trainer
3o minutes weight training

Total 1.5 hours

Day 70 Calories

Cereal, Soy Milk, Yogurt, half an Avocado 460
Almonds & Raisins 270
Chicken Soup, Firm Tofu & Cheese 600
Shirataki Salad & Pork Stir Fry 720
Half an Avocado 120

Total 2170

Day 70 Weight 96kg (211lbs)

Random Thoughts

I walked to the grocery store this morning carrying my son in his NapSack. Round trip, it takes 1 hour. Since starting my diet I have chosen to walk as much as possible. Round trip; 20 minutes to the vegetable stand and movie rental shop, 30 minutes to the day care and butcher shop, and 1 hour to City Hall. I don't include any of this activity in my excercise log.

I notice a lot of old people out walking to the same places as I do, even the day care. By old people, I mean people north of 80 years old. Okinawans tend to have a very long life expectancy, one of the longest in the world.

Seniors tend to be very active. I see lots of older people playing croquet and walking in the park. But, it seems to be more than that. The older Okinawans seem to be more active - just living day to day.

The older generation seem to be more active than their counter part in the West. I think part of it has to do with urban planning and liberal zoning laws.

You can walk 15 minutes down the street from my house and see a bar, noodle shop, vegetable shop, fish shop, pork shop, grocery store, smoke shop, school, day care, a million dollar house, a run down house, a low income apartment, a park, a welding shop, autobody shop, a karate dojo, a kobudo dojo, a bank, a bakery, a cake shop, a church, a green house, and a chicken coupe. What you don't see are parking lots and parking zones along the side of the road.

This type of urban planning and liberal zoning would never fly in a western country. In my opinion, liberal zoning makes it not only possible but necessary, to be active - just living day to day.

I guess we are a product of our environment after all.

Good Night

Day 69 Review

It was a good family day.

My only small regret is not pushing myself harder on my bicycle ride early this morning. If I don't sweat, I feel like I've wasted time.

Day 69 Exercise

1 hour bicycle ride

Total 1 hour

Day 69 Calories

Plums 120 (6:30)
Half a Banana & half an Apple 80 (8:30)
Half an Avocado 120 (9:30)
Half an Avocado 120 (11:30)
Banana 80 (1:30)
Orange 80 (2:30)
Grapefruit 80 (4:30)
Figs 100 (5:30)
Apple 80 (6:30)
Box of Raisins 90 (7:30)

Total 950

Day 69 Weight 97kg (213lbs)