Day 6 Round 3 - Weight

Day 5 Round 2 Excercise

1 hour walk - stairs and hills

Total 1 hour

Day 5 Round 3 - Calories

Melon 80
Miso Vegetable Soup 160
Hamburger Patti 240
Salad 240
2 Apples 160
2 Bananas 160
Boiled Vegetables 240
Pasta Sauce 320
Cheese 240

Total 1840

Day 5 Round 3 Weight


It was a good day. I still over ate but ate well and counted my calories. It will take persistence but I will get back in the swing of things. Surprisingly, though I have gained weight my fitness is still a great level. I had no problem doing my hills and stairs route and was able to keep the same pace as before I gained weight. All is good.

Day 4 Round 3 Exercise

1 hour walk
1 hour walk - hills and stairs

Total 2 hours

Day 4 Round 3 Calories

Apple & Yogurt 160
Apple 80
Miso Vegetable soup 320
Chicken 400
Raw Carrots 80
2 Oranges 160
Vegetable soup 320
Salad 320
1 Orange & Mellon 160

Total 2000

Day 4 Round 3 - Weight

Day 3 Round 3 Excercise

2 hours walking - 2 one hour walks with my son

Day 3 Round 3 Calories

Once again I made all the right choices but I over ate and did not make an effort to count calories. I'm not sure if it still holds but Okinawa has the highest per capita of people living over the age of 100 in the world. The diet of all the elderly have one thing in common - low caloric intake.

The Hot 100 - Going Out With A Bang

Blogger, South Beach Steve at Log My Loss initiated a The Hot 100 contest- Going Out With a Bang. It is a very straight forward contest. As of today, there are 100 days left in the the year. Make some goals and update them every 10 days.

I have entered the contest. My two 100 day goals are,

1. Weigh 85kg at the end of the contest.
2. Don't drink any beer (alcohol) for 100 days.

Belated One Year Anniversary

I'm not sure how I let it pass. I started my weight loss journey September 20th 2008. One year of dieting just past. Down 60kg and up 24kg in one year and still trying.

I am not particularly good at Batto Jutsu, a Japanese sword art. My Sensei told me that I must think about it as a journey to the top of a mountain. There is no one path to the top. On the journey you must learn to choose between paths that matches your ability. Ability is not in your arms and legs but in your head.

After one year of dieting, blogging and reading I think I have come to a realization that to be successful at dieting one must choose a diet (path) that matches their personality.

I lost 60kg in Okinawa and gained 24 kg traveling in North America. I now realize you must choose a diet (life style) that matches your personality and your immediate environment.

Dieting is not static.

Day 3 Round 3 Weight

Day 2 Round 3 Excercise

2 one hour slow walks with my son

Day 2 Round 3 Calories

Once again I did not count my calories and over ate but on the good side all my choices of food were good - just way too much.

I have been home alone with my son for the last 4 days and I love every minute of it and Cherish the opportunity.

It plays havoc on my ability to focus on keeping the volume of food down. I know it is not an excuse just a hurdle.

In the future, I will have an appreciation for some of the difficulties a dieting stay-at-home-mom faces day in and day out.

Daily Review

I was reading about the Obamacare debate in the States. It was weird to read people on the Right demonizing Canada, my home country.

I will not share my political beliefs. But, I am writing about this for something happened as I read the stories of people who have gone without proper health care. I suspected some of their problems stemed from obesity.

I was reading and it came to me - I am a very lucky person. Though I have always been overweight the doctors say I am surprisingly, very healthy. I do have a partial knee replacement which restricts my exercise choices, but - I can still walk, swim, inline skate and practice Iaido. Most importantly, I can play with my son.

Yes, I am a lucky person.

Day 1 Round 3 Exercise

1.5 hours - 2- forty five minute walks with my son. Too slow but it is all good.

Day 1 Round 3 Calories

Not sure of my Calories today. I was busy, Snacked too much. Ate salad but put on creamy dressing. Had two eggs instead of one. Put too much honey on my half litre of yogurt. Put too much peanut butter on my rice cakes. I will be glad when that jar is done. Thankfully my family does not eat the stuff so I won't be tempted. Next time my American friend asks if I want to go shopping on base - I will refuse and will suggest going inline skating along the sea wall.

But it was still a good day.

Round 2 Reveiw

I started round 2 and was doing okay for five days then drifted and "woke-up" ten days later at the same weight I started round 2.

While I lost this round - it is not that bad. Round 3 starts where I started Round 2 - 111kg. Most important - I am back.

My 2 goals for round 2 were; figure out where I went wrong and how I was able to gain 24 kg in two months and second, lose 26 kg in the next 3 months.

Round 3, I am not going to try and figure out where I went wrong. I am just going to do, what I already know how to do - follow the Okinawa diet and lose 26 kg in 3 months.

Figuring out where I went wrong, had a weird influence on my diet. I can't articulate it.

It is hard for me to do a positive (lose weight) and do a negative (focus on how I messed up) at the same time. My personality is not wired for it.

It does not mean I don't want to know how I messed up - I do. I just think this is not a prudent time to focus on that mistake. When I lose the next 26 kg I will try and figure how to maintain my weight. Then, and only then, will I try and figure out where I made my mistake(s).

I remember something an old coach told me - KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

Thank you to all the people who read my blog. I know it has a positive impact on my goals.


Day 1 Round 3 - Weight 111kg