Random Thoughts

I don't want to make light of this but it is easy for me to abstain from alcohol. It is stopping, once I start that is so hard for me. I have a similar relationship with food. I am going hard core on my calories and food because that best reflects my character or perhaps personality is a better word.
Some dieters can get all excited about losing 1 pound a week. I am happy for them. It probably is the best way. But I don't think I could stick to it that long. My diet is not a life style diet the experts suggest. My diet is focus and lose the weight diet. Stage two, I will start a life style maintenance program.

Day 26 Review

This is the fourth weekend I have not been down to the pub. I wrote this before - I really like pub night(s). I love the beer but it is only a close second to the socializing. It is pretty easy for me not to drink but it is near impossible for me to stop drinking beer once I have had a few. My average is about 9 pints in a night. That is 1600 calories a great buzz and about 70 dollars US. This diet is saving me money. I also declined a beach camping trip with the boys. It is hard to balance social needs and diets. I am glad I am only going hard core for 3 months. Once I start my maintenance program I will be much more flexible.

Day 26 Excercise

1 hour elliptical machine
30 min weight training (arms and chest)

Total 1.5 hours

Day 26 Calories

yogurt and monkey banana 150
apple 60
miso soup 120
hard boiled egg 80
raisin and soy bar 210
grilled salmon 600
salad 240

Total 1460

Day 26 Weight 113kg (249lbs)

Day 25 Review

It was a good day both exercise and food wise. I bought a different brand of shirataki noodles today and by far they were my favorite. I put 1 cup in my chicken soup and they seemed to absorb the chicken broth taste. If you see Maesato brand shrataki, I highly recommend them.
I know I have to increase the intensity of my exercises but I have been a bit lazy. I have nice routine and keep telling myself not to change anything until it stops working. I really believe you have to be proactive when dieting. Things never work out the way you plan. You need to visualize the next obstacles. In this case the dreaded plateau stage.

Day 25 Exercise

1 hour walk (brisk)
1 hour batto jitsu practice
30 min. bicycle ride (slow)

Total 2.5 hours

Day 25 Calories

yogurt and banana 180
mixed nuts 180
chicken soup 300
soy bar and hard boiled egg 200
chicken soup 300
sardines 150
chocolate bar 220
1 litre sanpin tea 1 litre goya tea

Total 1530

Day 25 Weight 114kg (251lbs)

Random Thoughts

I was reading the article "Why do we eat fast food" over at the diet blog. This caught my attention
" Interestingly, people who thought fast food was unhealthy ate as much of it as those who didn't think this. The researchers believe that this indicates the current health messages just aren't making an impact"

"...showing an increase in the amount of fast food that America's teens are eating, it's crucial that the right messages are being sent"

If you want to get people to stop eating junk food then tax it like you do tobacco and alcohol. It is that simple. Like every normal person I am generally against all tax increases but I do wonder why fast food gets a free ride. I read about Mr. Obama raising tabacco tax but we know he would never touch fast food - way too many fat voters.

Day 24 Review

It was a great day. I cleaned the kitchen and my wife and I washed the little guy. I went for a bicycle ride before bed. I was trying to make up for the shrimp tempura I ate for dinner. It is the first fried food I've eaten on my diet. My mother-in-law and niece made it for us and I felt I had an obligation to eat some. It was delicious. I read that canola oil is one of the healthier cooking oils. In my experience, Okinawans primarily use canola oil. Pure olive oil is a bit expensive.

Day 24 Exercise

30 min walk (fast)
30 min elliptical machine
30 weight training (arms and chest)
30 min bicycle ride (slow)

Total 2 hours

Day 24 Calories

monkey banana 60
soy milk 210
mixed nuts 180
tuna salad 420
salad 180
raisins 90
chicken soup 300
shrimp tempura 640

Total 2080

Day 24 Weight 114kg (251lbs)

Random Thoughts

I was reading about Monica Seles over at diet blog. When a famous athlete writes a book about food addiction people tend to notice. I am not sure if there is such a thing as food addiction but I tend to believe it. If it is true, I wonder why food addiction is not treated like alcohol, drug or tobacco addiction. Should we have interventions for fat people? Or teach our children that being fat is bad in the same manner we teach about tobacco addiction? Should the boss politely pull you aside and talk about how your food addiction is a problem that needs to be addressed?

I am really interested in cultural difference between the West and Asia in matters of obesity and dieting and how it impacts the overall populace of the different regions. I find the West more tolerant of fat people. I also see a trend where in the West there are more "reasons" for obesity where in Asia it is more simple. You are fat because you lack will power and discipline. Your diet failed because you lack heart (desire and resolve).

Day 23 Review

It was a good day. Batto Jitsu practice went well. It had been 1 month and I had "basically" remembered all my katas. I was Sensei's only student. On the other side of the Dojo were a group of high school girls practicing Naginata. They were training much harder than Sensei and I.
Food wise, a good day. I brought my calories down and my exercise up, to see if I could break down to 114kg tomorrow.

Day 23 Excercise

1 hour walk (brisk)
1 hour Batto Jitsu practice
30 min bicycle (slow)

Total 2.5 hours

Day 23 Calories

monkey banana and an apple 12o
soy milk 140
raisins 90
miso soup 180
mixed nuts 270
hard boiled egg and cheese 200
tuna salad 320
1 litre sanpin tea 1 litre goya tea

Total 1320

Day 23 Weight 115kg (253lbs)

Day 22 Review

It was a great day. A work related problem solved itself. The weather was beautiful. Though my knee is sore I was still able to do 1.5 hours exercise. I took a one month holiday from Batto Jitsu practice and will start again tomorrow. Food wise I did well. My wife and I have an arrangement that works out well for both of us. She cooks for out 8 month old son and I cook for the both of us. I have full control of what I eat. Our meals are different but it doesn't seem to take addtional time.

Day 22 Excercise

30 min walk (brisk)
30 min elliptical machine
30 min weight training (arms and chest)

Total 1.5 hours

Day 22 Calories

monkey banana and an apple 120
soy milk 210
mixed nuts 180
miso soup 180
hard boiled egg 80
cheese 130
hamburger patti 320
salad 320
6 cups sanpin tea 6 cups goya tea

Total 1540

Day 22 115kg (253lbs)

3 Week Review

Week 3 is complete and 71 days left to reach my goal of losing 42kg (92lbs) in three months. I have lost 11kg (24lbs), an average of half a kilogram a day. The first week I lost 5kg, second week 2kg and the thrid week 4 kg. I'll stick to my plan and see how things turn out.

Goal 1 - weight myself everyday.
This is my easiest goal. Many "professionals" are against this goal. For some, I appreciate, it is not advisable. However, you have to match your personality, weakness and strengths to your diet. Watching the numbers helps me tune into my body rhythm.

Goal 2 - 1600 calories a day.
I succeeded. My average daily calorie intake is 1500. My highest day is about 2400 and the lowest, 1000. I have lots of energy and feel fine.

Goal 3 -Exercise 1.5 hours a day.
I succeeded. I average 1.75 hours a day. About 50% of my exercise consists of walking.

Goal 4 - Drink 12 cups of Sanpin tea a day.
I average 1.5 litres of sanpin tea every day. I started to drink goya tea which lowers my sanpin tea average. But, together I drink 2 litres of tea everyday.

Goal 5 - Eat 1.5 cups of konnyaku.
I average about 1 cup a day. I rarely eat it plain, mostly I add it to my soup or stir fry.

Goal 6 - Eat half a goya a day.
I am failing. I average 2 goya a week, often eating the entire goya in a single day. I started drinking goya tea to make up the difference. My body always feels good just after drinking the stuff. It is a bit bitter so I started adding jasmine buds from the sanpin tea.

Goal 7 - Eat 10 cm of gobo a day
I have exceeded this goal. I add gobo to all my soups and sometimes to salads and stirfry.

Goal 8 - Eat konbu 3 times a week.
I have exceed this goal. I add konbu to all my soups and sometimes stirfrys

I am happy with everything. I wake up everyday with lots of energy and motivation. I am sometimes cranky around bedtime but try and hide it from my wife and son. My knee is sore but the pain is manageable. Overall I think the old holistic doctor who gave me the advice, would be satisfied.

Day 21 Review

It was a good day. I had lunch with a realtor today and tried to keep my calories under 1000. I believe I succeeded. My knee was really sore today. I should go swimming but I am on a budget. For weight training I go to the community gym, it costs 160 yen ($1.50 USD) a visit.

Day 21 Execise

1 hour walk (brisk)
30 min bicycle ride (slow)

Total 1hour 30 min.

Day 21 Calories

yogurt and monkey banana 150
soy milk 210
almonds 180
goya chanpuru 700
grilled fish 300
miso soup 120
shrimp salad 240
12 cups sanpin tea

Total 1900

Day 21 Weight 116kg (255lbs)

Random Thoughts

I was wondering today if there is a psychological advantage to measuring weight loss by kg over pounds. 1 kg is equal to 2.2 pounds. I am from the weight yourself everyday school of dieting. Measuring in kilograms flattens the trend line, making day to day fluctuations easier to handle emotionally. My scale does not have decimals until I hit 100kg. I don't like the idea of decimals. Once I hit 100 I will have to be sure I am mature enough not to let the increase fluctuations rattle me.

Day 20 Review

It was a good day. I pushed hard because tomorrow I finish week 3 of my 3 month diet - the quarter mark. I think it is important I do a three week review to see how things are shaping up. I will try and post it tomorrow.
I had my first email today requesting how much tea I drink. I now realize I should have documented the volume better. I drink at minimum 2 litres of tea a day. I use a one litre decanter and make two 2-3 litres a day. At the end of the day I pour what I don't drink, down the drain.
I will try and take some picture soon.

Day 20 Exercise

1 hour walk (brisk)
1 hour bicycle ride (slow)

Total 2 hours

Day 20 Calories

yogurt and monkey banana 150
mixed nuts 120
miso soup 120
apple 60
hard boiled egg 80
beef stir fry 600
chocolate bar 140
1 litre sanpin tea 1 litre goya tea

Total 1270

Day 20 Weight 116kg (255lbs)