Day 33 Round 3 Weight 108kg

My son's school closed last tuesday due to an outbreak of influenza. Thankfully our little guy is healthy. The last 3 days have been great and challanging. I wrote before that I appreciate some of the diet hurdles stay-at-home moms face. I don't know how they do it.

Have a nice day.

Day 32 Weight 106

Day 31 Round 3 Weight 106kg

I've been terribly busy. While I am not happy with my progress I am happy my weight is not going up. Though I am not super focused I am happy I have not lost sight of my goals.

Have a nice day

Day 30 Round 3 Weight 106kg

I am not satisfied with the progress of my diet but I am very pleased I have kept at it now for 30 days. Dropping kilograms is just one hurdle. Grinding it out day after day, post after post is another hurdle. One I have to jump every morning. I can't rest. I am waiting for the momentum to pick up. As frustrated as I get I know that every single dieter who never gave up - is rewarded.

Have a nice day

Day 29 Calories & Exercise

Banana & Yogurt 240
Vegetable Soup 320
Steamed Chicken 320
Vegetable Stir fry 320
Apple & Yogurt 160

Total 1360

1.5 hour walk

Day 29 Round 3 Weight 106kg

Breaking 106 kg is proving to be very difficult. I should break through soon.

Day 28 Calories & Excercise

Cereal, Soy Milk & Yogurt 460
Vegetable Soup 360
Banana 80
Vegetable Stir Fry 420

Total 1200

1.5 hour walk

Day 28 Round 3 Weight 106kg

Day 27 Excercise

1.5 hour walk

Day 28 Calories

Cereal & Banana 360
Fish Soup 320
Almonds 120
Vegetable Stir Fry 420
Yogurt & Apple 240

Total 1460

Day 27 Round 3 Weight - 106kg

I gained 2 kg then the next day lost 2 kg. It is madness. Sticking to a plan and grinding it out is the only way to fight the madness. I have been at 106kg for one week and I am going to go hard over the next two days to break it.

Have a nice day

Day 26 Review

It was a great day. Weather wise outstanding. I accomplished all my goal. Not sure where it came from but I can feel myself moving away from my blah mood.

I remember reading about Sir Winston Churchill and his self described his blah mood - the "black dog". At some points in his life Sir Churchill would confine himself to bed until the old black dog left. As Sir Churchill was known for hitting the sauce I suspected he was going through a sketchy period after a particularly long session. I am not convinced anymore. Some of us have the black dog wired into our being.

Sir Churchill was an amazing man. A heavy smoker, a heavy drinker and an all round heavy man - he lived to be 90 years old.

Day 26 Excercise

1.5 hour walk
1 hour walk

2.5 hours

Day 26 Calories

Cereal & Yogurt 380
Banana & Apple 160
Vegetable Soup 320
Banana & Yogurt 160
Sardines 160
Vegetable Stir Fry 420

Total 1600