Day 5 Round 2 Weight

Reflections on my Wrong Turn

I know how I gained 24kg in 2 months. I ate too much. It is weird though. I worked so hard to lose 60 kg then I was able to simply "forget" all my effort. How does one forget?

I also "forget" to keep in touch with friends and loved ones. I'm terrible for that. I never forget to tell my son I love him but sometimes forget to tell my wife. I never forget to pay my mortgage but do forget to wash and service our vehicles but never my motorcycle.

Later today I am going to search the words "forget" and "focus" on the net. In my world, I suspect they are connected. To Forget - is like losing focus?

Day 4 Round 2 Review

It was a good day. Still eating too much but at least, eating too much of the right kind of food. Walked for 1.5 hours today. Looks like my neighbour is going to have a good banana crop soon. I love Okinawa.

Day 4 Round 2 - Weight

Reflections on my Wrong Turn

I force myself to think about my wrong turn - gaining 26kgs in two months. Focusing on failure is not easy, but in my experience it is the only way to figure out how to avoid making the same mistake(s) a second or third time.

I am wondering if I made just one big mistake or a bunch of little mistakes that accumulated into a massive mistake.

If possible I would like to find the biggest mistake or the first mistake. That way I can avoid the avalanche of little mistakes.

Day 3 Round 2 - Review

It was a good day. While I am not counting calories I have been slowly cutting back on my intake and limiting my choices. No bread, rice or desserts. Lots of vegetables and fruits. Too much meat and cheese. My experience tells me to move slowly into a high focus diet.

I walked for 45 minutes today. I'm a bit busy now but will start to arrange my day in order to incorporate at least 2 hours a day.

Below are more goya from my father-in-laws garden. I believe grandpa's goya are better but we are happy for all the free vegetables given generously. I am preparing goya chanpuru.

Reflections on my Wrong Turn

Still can't figure out how I could have made such a blunder. It is almost like I slowly drifted off, fell asleep and woke up one morning, something in my head clicked. Oh Shit! What have I done?

I know how I gained weight. I ate too much, too much of the wrong type of food. That is easy to understand. It is difficulty to understand how I could lose focus.

I left Okinawa, went on the road and left my discipline behind. Came back and it took about 1.5 weeks to snap out of my haze. Madness.

Day 3 Round 2 - Weight

Day 2 Round 2 - Review

It was a pretty good day. I'm still not counting calories. I did manage to go for two 45 minute walks. I have set a goal to be back eating the "Okinawan Way" in 1 week. Lower my calories, eat a lots of fruit vegetables from a variety of sources and daily activity.

Reflections on my Wrong Turn

As a result of a series of mistakes I gained 24kg in 2 months. That is an average of o.4kg (0.88lbs) a day. This is after losing 0.44kg a day for previous 90 days and 0.22 kg a day over the previous 9.5 months combined.

Clearly, I failed on my attempt to maintain a sane life while "on the road". I am not worried about losing the weight again. I can do it.

I worry, that away from my home and routine, I can't keep it together. I need to figure this out and thus born my new Reflections label.

Well my son is not happy and it's time to take him to daycare.

Day 2 Round 2 - Weight

Day 1 Round 2 - Review

A tough start. Tried hard to limit my calories but struggled. I walked for 1 hour and felt great. I did gain 24 kg but my fitness is still strong. It is going to take a few days to get back into a routine. Here are some cool goya from my wife's grandfather's garden. I love the stuff.

Day 1 Round 2 - Weight