Day 12 Review

It was a good day. The weather was beautiful. I attended my wife's family seimei (shimi). It is a yearly event held at the grave of her ancestors. Family gets together, cleans the grave site, pays tribute to their ancestors and prays for the future generations. About 25 people showed up, the women with food baskets.
I think I did well. I ate 20 pieces of food, about a third of what I would normally eat. I skipped a lot. These kinds of festivals are a killer. First, it is hard to keep track of what you ate. Second, the people are so kind and well meaning. They pass the food in front of you and it is hard to say no.
It is the twelfth day of my diet and I didn't exercise in the afternoon. I went for a long motorcycle trip up the coast. I skipped dinner to avoid the extra calories. I know it was a mistake but it is not a habit, so no worries. I accomplished 4 of my 8 daily goals. Tomorrow, I am going to go hard on the exercise.

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