Random Thoughts

Is being fat a choice? Yes it is, for most of us. I don't believe this but I know if we blame something or someone else, we will never reach a healthy weight.

One of my problems is physical. My knees are shot and my lower back aches. I have to make a choice, fight through the pain or be fat. I have chosen to minimize my pain by choosing low impact exercises.

I believe another problem is physiological. My body struggles. I gain weight so easily. I'm told -simply eat less, exercise more. I don't believe it is that simple. I have to choose food that gives me more than calories. I know my body needs more of somethings and less of others. What exactly, I do not know. But, I can choose to try. I can choose, not to give-up - searching for what my body needs.

My biggest problem is in my head. Other people have their own problems in their heads to care what madness is going on in my head. Like others, I am a saboteur. I have made a choice to fight my instincts by hyper focusing. Keep it simple, put my head down and fight.

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