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Is it possible, people in the West are fat because it is politically incorrect to point out the obvious. Do you think, if fat people were pounded in society like smokers, there would be less fat people?

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  1. I can't believe you wrote it. It's so terribly hurtful to read something like that... People are NOT tolerant towards fat. In fact, the meanest, cruelest and dumbest comments are made to the face of fat people. And maybe you packed on pounds through eating too much - I and several other people I know, gained through illnesses, medication, etc. I can't lose the weight, no matter how hard I try. If I try too hard, I'm still overweight, but get sick. And bringing me down is not a motivation to "try harder", but it might work great, if you think that the outcome should be, that I kill myself... Perhaps it would be for the best, so that I don't pollute the world with my FAT :/