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I was thinking about a book I lent out but never got back. The Crooked Cucumber, the story of of the Zen priest Shunryu Suzuki. Suzuki was ridiculed growing up for being poor and the son of a priest. Around 12 he started his apprenticeship as a Zen priest. His teacher, not impressed with his forgetfulness gave him the nickname Crooked Cucumber. It was not meant to be flattering but I believe the name was given as sign of love. Suzuki went on to be a very famous Zen practitioner in San Fransisco.

Everyday in Japan I am called big or fat. I am both. My Sensei tells me I move like an elephant on the dojo floor. I do. To our western sensibilities this is considered rude. My experience in Japan, it is considered being truthful. Does being "polite" in the west contribute to obesity? We are very-thin skinned in the west, does this contribute to obesity? Does political correctness contribute to obesity?

I believe it is easier to be fat in the west than in Asia. If this is true, than why?

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