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I was reading about Monica Seles over at diet blog. When a famous athlete writes a book about food addiction people tend to notice. I am not sure if there is such a thing as food addiction but I tend to believe it. If it is true, I wonder why food addiction is not treated like alcohol, drug or tobacco addiction. Should we have interventions for fat people? Or teach our children that being fat is bad in the same manner we teach about tobacco addiction? Should the boss politely pull you aside and talk about how your food addiction is a problem that needs to be addressed?

I am really interested in cultural difference between the West and Asia in matters of obesity and dieting and how it impacts the overall populace of the different regions. I find the West more tolerant of fat people. I also see a trend where in the West there are more "reasons" for obesity where in Asia it is more simple. You are fat because you lack will power and discipline. Your diet failed because you lack heart (desire and resolve).

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  1. First time here...

    I think they have interventions for fat people on that new show, "I want to save your life." I have yet to watch it.