3 Week Review

Week 3 is complete and 71 days left to reach my goal of losing 42kg (92lbs) in three months. I have lost 11kg (24lbs), an average of half a kilogram a day. The first week I lost 5kg, second week 2kg and the thrid week 4 kg. I'll stick to my plan and see how things turn out.

Goal 1 - weight myself everyday.
This is my easiest goal. Many "professionals" are against this goal. For some, I appreciate, it is not advisable. However, you have to match your personality, weakness and strengths to your diet. Watching the numbers helps me tune into my body rhythm.

Goal 2 - 1600 calories a day.
I succeeded. My average daily calorie intake is 1500. My highest day is about 2400 and the lowest, 1000. I have lots of energy and feel fine.

Goal 3 -Exercise 1.5 hours a day.
I succeeded. I average 1.75 hours a day. About 50% of my exercise consists of walking.

Goal 4 - Drink 12 cups of Sanpin tea a day.
I average 1.5 litres of sanpin tea every day. I started to drink goya tea which lowers my sanpin tea average. But, together I drink 2 litres of tea everyday.

Goal 5 - Eat 1.5 cups of konnyaku.
I average about 1 cup a day. I rarely eat it plain, mostly I add it to my soup or stir fry.

Goal 6 - Eat half a goya a day.
I am failing. I average 2 goya a week, often eating the entire goya in a single day. I started drinking goya tea to make up the difference. My body always feels good just after drinking the stuff. It is a bit bitter so I started adding jasmine buds from the sanpin tea.

Goal 7 - Eat 10 cm of gobo a day
I have exceeded this goal. I add gobo to all my soups and sometimes to salads and stirfry.

Goal 8 - Eat konbu 3 times a week.
I have exceed this goal. I add konbu to all my soups and sometimes stirfrys

I am happy with everything. I wake up everyday with lots of energy and motivation. I am sometimes cranky around bedtime but try and hide it from my wife and son. My knee is sore but the pain is manageable. Overall I think the old holistic doctor who gave me the advice, would be satisfied.

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