Day 38 Review

It was a good day. I am trying hard to increase the intensity of all my exercises. My knee feels strong and my confidence is up. I just need to be sure not to get cocky.
Food wise I think I'm doing fine. My goal to increase proteins for this week is going well. I am trying to get protein from as many different sources as I can. I appreciate Spam is not considered a health food. Okinawans are one of the highest consumers of Spam in the world. My perception of Spam was not so good before I moved here. My wife loves it and now I really like it. The difference here is portions. I watched my Mother-in-law cooking Goya Chanpuru the other day. For four people, she added about 100 grams of Spam. I've put double that in one sandwich.
If something is not eaten in excess, I believe nothing is really "bad" for you.

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