Day 41 Review

It was a good day. We took our Son to the the beach again. He is 8 months old and a bit nervous about the water. Weather permitting I'm going to take him to the beach every Sat & Sunday for an hour for the rest of the summer. I plan to slowly familiarize him with the Sea. I guess it is kind of like exercising or training. If you try a little, regularly - what seems difficult becomes easy.

I have been at 107kg for four days now. It feels like another mini plateau. I love checking my weight everyday. It helps me get accustomed to the natural rhythms of my diet and body.

Also, on the good side, we finally finished the can of Spam I opened last Monday. I bought the big can pre-diet. I ate a little everyday. Counting calories daily is a real eye opener.

I did a super 2.5 hour non stop walk today. My fitness is really improving. I walked the entire distance of the mono-rail and then returned by train. I was amazed I could do it. I was trying to shock my body into shedding 1kg to bust my mini plateau.

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