Day 46 Review

It was a good day. Time wise I am officially at the half way point in my 3 month diet. In order to accomplish my weight goal I need to lose another 20kg (44lbs) in the next 46 days. I received negative comments about my goal and only one supportive. I turned the comments off. I don't want to waste energy and time defending myself.

I wrote this before. My goal may be aggressive. But I won't let it scare me. No matter what weight I end up at - all is good, as long as I tried my hardest both mentally and physically everyday of my diet. I am not unique. Many people have accomplished similar weight loss over 3 months. Check out the The Anti Jared Blog here. Or maybe read an article about 64 year old Jerry Hayes here.

After my three months is over I plan to do one of two things right away. Start another diet or start a weight management program. I hold, these two things, to be different.

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