Day 48 Review

It was a good day. I decided to change my diet slightly. Every Sunday I'm going to eat only fruit and yogurt until my 3 month diet is finished. I made this decision on a whim. I am worried about plateau(ing) and want to keep my body guessing. Second, I am bored with my current calorie intake. And third, I believe my body is not getting enough fruit. I hope to break my mini plateau tomorrow morning.
We took our son to the beach again. The little guy is losing his fear of the sea. Sitting in his little inner tube he doesn't look unhappy - just unimpressed.
I didn't chat with anyone at the beach today. The very young looking US military guys were out in droves. Their gangsta tattoos, clothes and accessories made being at the beach feel like being in an American movie. Though, their appearance did not match their polite, almost passive demeanour. They were all well behaved.

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