Day 54 Review

It was a productive day. I was 103kg for the 5th day. Plateaus scare me and I tried my best to mix things up today in an effort to keep my body guessing. I increased exercise to 5 hours. I ate only raw fruit and vegetables. As planned, tomorrow I am going to eat only fruit and yogurt.

I feel bad that I neglected my family this Saturday. I am very thankful my wife is both understanding and supportive. When a person sets their weight loss goals I think it is really important to consider what impact their living environment will have on their diet. A single mother of three can not be expected to pull big numbers. A guy with a big family, working two jobs can not be expected to pull big numbers. Yet, some people do, confirming it is a mental game and anything is possible.

I am fortunate that I don't have as many hurdles as some of the other bloggers I follow.

Good night.

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