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I was surfing around looking for more male bloggers and found two great blogs. Stages of Change has a brilliant post , "Individual Accountability, Forced Equality & "Fat People's Rights." The opening paragraphs reads,

"In our society today we are taught, by and large, not to judge. We are taught that we are all the same, and that every one's approach to anything (within reason) is just as valid as anyone else; all of that is bogus."

This is so true. Comparing the West to Japan I have a theory that being fat is pretty much tolerated in the West compared to say 50 years ago or compared to Japan. The whole "Me Generation" , "I'm Okay, Your Okay" stuff and Political Correctness, I believe contributes to obesity in a general way.

I am surprised I missed the second male blogger. The Anti Jared is a great success story to follow. The guy has lost over 200 pounds and about 80 pounds in the first two months. No wonder he is on CNN's interview list.

I love those numbers for the basic reason it proves every one's diet is a personal journey. Just because he did those numbers does not mean I have to or you have to but we should not bash people's diet for being too fast or too slow. Some people have left me nasty messages about my 3 month goal. I understand and I am not offended. I set a goal of 42kg (93lbs.) I based my numbers on what I saw other people doing. I really don't care if I reach my goal. I am only concerned about giving it my best shot.

Thanks for reading my blog.

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