Random Thoughts

At the beach today I met a really nice American guy. He joined the US Marines about a year ago and is now stationed in Okinawa. His friends call him "Old Dog" as he is in his early 30's. He wanted to join the Marines. His recruiter told him to lose 70 pounds and come back and see him. He lost 70 pounds in 4 months while working full time as an accountant. He was 240 pounds when he entered boot camp. He lost another 60 pounds in 3 months. Then started weight training and gained 20 pounds muscle over the last 8 months. We talked about diets and he told me he tried many different diets over the last 10 years. He figures he failed for two reasons. First, he never really had a true desire. Second, the diets never pushed him hard enough - they were too soft. Being called a fat fu*k daily by people younger than him, drove him hard, not only to lose weight but to improve his fitness. He conceded that a civilian probably could not hack the US Marine Diet Program.

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