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At the Big Fat Deal Blog there is a post about a fat discrimination Ad that you can see here. Just a warning - there are some real off colour offensive jokes used to make a statement about fat discrimination. The boys at the Gruen Transfer do a follow up with the producer of the Ad.

Everyone knows what happened to the Jews during WWII. They were rounded up, assets confiscated, put into ghettos and then moved to camps where millions were killed. Apparently, "discrimination" against fat people is on par with experiences of the Jews in Awchwitz.

Imagine an older Black gentleman who lived under Jim Crow Laws in the south part of America. We know he experienced discrimination. Maybe a friend or relative was lynched. Is all discrimination really the same?

By suggesting all discrimination is the same is a dangerous game. There is lots of legal justified fat discrimination in society today. Fire & Police Departments, the Military all discriminate against fat people. Airlines discriminate when hiring employees. Strip bars discriminate. Voters discriminate, as there is rarely a fat President or Prime Minister. Consumers of fashion magazines discriminate. The list goes on and on.

Let me be clear. I don't believe discriminating against a person based on his or her Ethnicity or Race is the same as making offensive remarks (intentionally or not) to a fat person.

If the fat lobby groups want to make a difference they should educate the public to keep their mouth shut if they don't have anything nice to say. They should help fat people become more confident. Hopefully with confidence their skin will thicken up.

I am a fat guy. These fat lobby groups do not speak for me. I have shouldered plenty of off colour jokes, comments and questions about my weight. Sometimes people are well meaning. Sometimes people are clueless. Sometimes people are mean. Sometimes people are rude. I do not believe I am a victim of discrimination. I know I am fat. I simply got tired of it all and started to make changes. Imagine, if I was truly discriminated against then discrimination is good - it might add years to my life.


I realize that I am lucky (Blessed). I am able to lose weight. To those are not able due to medical or genetic conditions I am sorry. I realize my post is insensitive. I just worry things are getting out of control. Being fat is different for me than it is for some - I can make changes. Not everyone can do this. I am not against progress I just worry about all these -isms.

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