Day 58 Review

It was a good day. Day in and day out I am following through with my 12 daily goals I set out 2 months ago.

One thing I did not plan to do at the beginning was weight training and I am glad I have incorporated it in my exercise. I noticed a trend among diet bloggers who are or have been successful with their weight loss. Most, include weight (strength) training. As you add weight to your lifts and your muscles tone improves your confidence and outlooks gets a big boost.

There is more to it than that though. I can't explain why but adding muscle helps increase metabolism. One guy, who I believe knows what he is talking about is Lyle McDonald at Body Recomposition. Specifically, this post today has really made me think more about how to better incorporate weight training in my life.

You might be wondering if I am being compensated in some way. I am not. Mr. McDonald is an author but I have not read any of his books. I just like what I read on his blog and have no problem suggesting people take a look.

Another blogger I like what he says about weight training is JC, at JCD Fitness.

One more thing you might want to check out from the local English Newspaper in Japan. It appears vitamins are old school. Check it out here at, Latest health craze goes straight for the jugular.

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