Day 59 Review

It was a good day. After putting our son to bed I went for a 2 hour walk in the rain. I've been 101kg for 5 days now and I am hoping to drop to 100kg tomorrow for Day 60. That would be a nice round number which would mean I lost 27Kg or 60 pounds in 60 days. 1 pound a day diet.

Lots of people have lost more weight and many people have struggled to lose a fraction of that weight in two months. Really, the numbers are meaningless. If you are eating in a fairly healthy manner and staying active, the rate in which one loses weight does not matter. I sincerely believe every single dieter is on a personal journey. The diet and goals one chooses, should reflect their abilities, circumstances and above all, their personality.

Someone says, "good job losing weight". Of course it makes me feel good and I am thankful for their kindness. But, I would find it more agreeable if people said, "great job sticking to your diet".

Good Night and Peace.

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