Day 61 Review

It was a really nice day. I met a guy leaving the Bar at 9am on my morning walk. Considering he started drinking 12 hours earlier, he was doing all right. We walked together for close to 20 minutes. Like most Japanese, he figured I was American. I didn't tell him otherwise. His sister married an American and now lives in Colorado. He had a lot of nice things to say about Boulder and President Obama.

Weird. Later that day I saw a really attractive Japanese girl wearing an "Yes we Can" T-shirt in Starbucks. A couple of great "pick-up" lines popped into my head when I sheepishly remembered, I am happily married. This is the second time I have seen the same T-shirt. Last time was on some senior citizen ladies. Mr. Obama is a Rock Star in Japan.

I increased my exercise and dropped my calories today. I would like to be 99kg tomorrow, if not then Monday morning. Tomorrow is "All fruit Sunday". I will try and limit my exercise as well.

Good Night and Peace

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