Day 62 Review

All round, a great day. I cycled down my calories and exercise today. Tomorrow, I will return to a more balanced diet. I still drank 1 litre of green tea, 1 litre of goya (bitter mellon) tea and about 1 litre of water.

I spent the day with my family at the park, shopping and visiting a friend's open house party. I was active all day. It is close to bedtime and I'm not tired but fairly hungry.

Maybe I should be satisfied resisting the urge to eat but it is not that simple. I am scared. I don't believe cheating (a little) is bad. However, in my case I am scared if I cheat a little I might not stop. I have the same relationship with beer. It is easy to say no to 1 beer but 3 beers usually ends up around 10. I will have to address this during my maintenance stage.


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