Day 66 Review

All round, a good day.

My hamburger knee has been holding up great. 18 years ago I had reconstruction surgery and a long stay in the hospital. I still don't have full motion which sometimes makes the right side of my body look shorter than the left.

Last night my knee was really sore but I woke up this morning with no pain. Still no pain.

I've been lucky for sure but I am starting to think my knee is much stronger than I believed all these years. I am wondering if I used it as an excuse not to exercise? Of course I did. Was it justified? Maybe not.

Did I use my bad knee as an excuse for being fat? In part, yes I did.

I know I am restricted on what sports and exercises I can perform. However it bothers me that I allowed it to become a much bigger issue than it really was.

There is a line from an old Clint Eastwood movie that I have never forgotten, "You have to improvise, adapt and overcome." I improvised and adapted but I never really overcame - hopefully, until now.

Good Night and Peace.

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