Day 72 Review

The rain has not let up, still it was a pretty good day. Yesterday, I bought a Japanese Melon for about 35 USD. I was telling my wife what a great guy I was and she gently reminded me I sometimes spend triple that much for one night in the Pub. Ouch.

In the chance any Japanese Nationals are reading this I have to say you are all so kind and generous - almost to a fault.

Almost to a fault?

If I ask you not to buy me any food, it means don't buy me any French Fries. If I ask you not to buy me a beer, it means don't buy me a beer. If I ask you not to buy me a souvenir from you trip abroad, it means don't buy me a souvenir. When I ask you over for dinner and ask that you don't bring food, it means don't bring food.

A NO reply is absolute.

But a yes reply to an offer or question is a bit tricky. If you offer to buy me a beer in the Pub and I say yes, it means great just buy me a pint of the cheap swill. If you buy me a pint of the premium stuff, I am of course happy. If I invite you for dinner and ask you to bring a couple bottles of wine and you bring 4 bottles, that is great. Same goes for beer. If you go abroad and ask if I would like a T shirt from St. Andrews golf course and I say yes but you bring me back a sweater instead - I am very happy.

I added an additional 1.5 hours on my planned 1 hour walk tonight to make up for the French Fries "present".

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