Day 73 Review

It was a great day. While it rained this morning and afternoon it finally let up and it was nice evening for a walk. For the first time in 20 years, since my knee operation, I tried jogging. It was pathetic as I could complete only 20 meters before I returned to walking. I suspect the problem is more in my head than my legs. However, I must remain conservative as I can't afford a knee injury.

When I make salad I dice up 4 cups of what ever vegetables we have available. For simplicity sake, I count 1 (heaping) cup, as 40 calories. Today's salad was cabbage, carrots, gobo, leek, shiitaki mushrooms, celery and red pepper. Salad dressing is 1 table spoon olive oil, and a half a shot glass of apple vinegar with wasabi paste mixed in. I count it as 160 calories. Sometimes I use Dijon mustard, garlic or ginger paste instead of the wasabi. Always, lots of cracked pepper. Depending on my daily calorie goal I might leave out the olive oil.

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