Day 74 Review

A really good day. I purposely made my last appointment at an office close to the Pub. I stopped in again just as it opened, had an expensive bottle of water and left before any patrons arrived. I do miss drinking beer and relaxing with good people.

It is 10pm and I'm going to finish the Bridgeshead Revisited (Evelyn Waugh) and go to bed. Surprisingly, I am not hungry.

The rainy season is just about finished. I bought 2 new pairs of sneakers in the last 2 weeks in order to have a dry pair handy. The new shoes coupled with wet feet have resulted in some nasty bloody blisters. I have made out fine but this morning I noticed my left heel slightly infected. I decided to limit my excercise to bicycling today. On the plus side, I managed to cycle up a long hill, without stopping, for the first time. I did not think about my mini achievement until I arrived home.

Good Night

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