Day 76 Review

It was a good day.

I had a nice nap in the afternoon to compensate for coming home early this morning. It is the first time I drank beer in 76 days and I did pretty poor in the moderation department. But, all is still good. I am amazed I did not gain any weight.

I love "All Fruit Sunday". I am surprised I don't have any hunger pains on these days. After this diet I think I will continue eating fruit for breakfast and lunch once a week.

I never ate much fruit in Japan. I always found it expensive. It is a bit expensive but I notice prices can vary considerably, day to day and week to week. Last week Avocados were about 100yen ($1USD). Today they are 240yen each. I try to support the local farmers but their prices are are sometimes substantially higher. Today, local bananas were twice the price of the ones from the Philippines.

I really should make a weekly trip to the farmers market where prices are sometimes half of what they are in the grocery store. I am a big believer in supporting the local producers.

Good Night and Peace

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