Day 77 Review

It was a good but busy day. I am very fortunate my wife is very cool. Without her understanding, I would not be able to fit in 3.5 hour exercises on a weekday.

I read over at Isadora's Weight Loss Success Stories blog about how Stephen Fry lost 80lbs (37kg) in just 6 months. Great Job! I wonder where the "experts", who claim anyone who loses more than 1-2 pounds a week is "destroying" their health, are hiding? Petty tyrants, probably sneaking up behind some poor struggling dieter, getting ready to cast doubt into their lives.

I am not sure why I can't let it go. I was thinking about those people who left me nasty comments today. People told me I was only losing water? But I drink 4 plus litres a day of the stuff. I read, I was losing muscle. Yet, somehow with less muscle I have increased the weight on my leg press by 20% and my dead lifts by 30%. In fact all my lifts have improved since I started. As well, I can now bicycle up a hill that I could barely push my bike up when I started. Just another day in the wacky world of dieting.

Good Night and Good Luck to you.

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