Day 78 Review

Another good and busy day. Again, I am thankful my wife is so understanding about the time I spend exercising, never taking her out for dinner or drinking and never buying ice cream or cookies when I go shopping.

My Japanese language skills are poor but I did not let it stop me from working-in on the Bench Press with some of the locals at the gym today. As suspected, they are nice guys and tolerated my broken Japanese without a problem. Sometimes, our problems, are all in our head, aren't they?

On my morning "Stairs and Hills" walk, I had a great view of the ocean. I was thinking I only have 2 more weeks until my 3 month Okinawa diet is finished. I really love Okinawa and decided to start bringing my camera along and taking a few pictures to share them with my readers. I hope people don't mind me promoting this wonderful island a little.

Good Night

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