Day 80 Review

It was a really good day. I cycled today as hard as traffic and my old bike would permit. I am really curious what my weight will be like tomorrow morning. It has nothing to do with how hard I pushed it today, as this does not always have a direct result on the scale the next day. Today I had two MBM-z. That is correct two Monster Bowel Movements.

My whole life I have been a member of the "Once a Day Club". It rattles me when I miss a DD. I don't know why but Daily Dumps are important to me. On this diet, I am basically, semi-regular. Once a day for a few days and then nothing for 4-5 days. This is my new cycle. There is no discomfort and on the 4th-5th day I truly feel like a different person once the chore is finished. Well today I had two MBM-z for the first time. Yes, tomorrow morning will be interesting.

Good Night and Peace

Wow, there is a huge Bat hanging in a tree outside our veranda that has a 1 metre wing span. For those that don't beleive me I just googled "Okinawa Bat". You can see a picture here

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