Day 83 Review

A really good day. I've been to parties and not drank before but last night, for the first time in my adult life, I went to a party at a Bar and did not drink. I wish I trusted myself to have just one or two but I didn't. That will be my next goal - learning moderation.

I started my "All Fruit Sunday" on a whim a month back.I quite enjoy it. I wonder if it will ever be a fad diet? Speaking of fad diets I just read someone blasting the apple vinegar diet.

An old sensei at the dojo has been adding vinegar to his water for years and recommended I do the same. Out of respect, I have. I'm sure it is not hurting anything. Don't know how much it helps. But I don't have the urge to bash nor the willingness to be negative. Why do others?

I forgot where I read that dieting is 80% mental and 20% diet & exercise. Dieting sure seems like a mental game but I suspect faith plays a big role. You have to have faith that your method is "correct". You have to believe you have an "edge". If you start questioning your methods you will probably fail. In my experience, life is like that. Just my two bits.

Good Night

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