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While getting ready for work I was thinking about Jerry Hayes the 64 year old guy who was eliminated from the Biggest Loser Contest in the second week and insultingly called "weak" by Trainer Julian Michaels. He went home and lost 177 pounds in 5 months, came back to the show and won 100,000USD.

In the Political Correct school of Fitness Trainers, I doubt they encourage Personal Trainers to call Senior Citizens "Weak" after failing to keep up. I sincerely, doubt Michaels meant to be insulting. It might have been an off the cuff comment.

Hayes was bitter. He went home and worked hard. He lost 177lbs (80kg) in 5 months. Came back to the show and won 100,000USD. He had been brooding about Michaels' comment and planned to confront her. Seeing his opportunity he picked her up on stage, live in front of millions of viewers and suggested to her that he indeed - was not weak. What a guy. You can read about it here.

I learned 3 things from 64 year old cool grandpa, Mr. Hayes.

1) To laugh at people who push the myth that losing 1-2 pounds as week is the "only" safe way. It is safe. It is true for some but not true for all. Be healthy and let your body decide how much wieght to lose.

2) I really hate people commenting, questioning and pointing out my "girth" day in and day out. I find it very uncivilized. That said, I acknowledge, like Michaels "weak" comment, it can be a great motivator to lose weight.

3)In general, I suspect the older generation has thicker skin and is mentally tougher than my generation.

Have a nice day.

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