Random Thoughts

If I was to start my diet over again the one thing I would have done is bought a Pedometer. I walk all the time and my pace is really improving. I am curious as to how far I walk, how fast and how much I have improved. I am a closet Luddite but I do regret not buying one of those little gadgets.

This brings me to the 250USD contest John is running at John is Fit Blog. To enter the only requirement is post the contest on your blog. You get bonus points if you offer a link to one of his product reviews. The product review I chose was his Pedometer Review. Go ahead and educate yourself and read more at John's Pedometer Review.

One last cool thing. Go see John's latest post here. A casting company contacted him looking for people with "love handles". You want to be famous? John has graciously provided a link to the casting company. Don't be self conscious - who cares if you are a bit fat. Think of the bragging rights!

Have a nice day.

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