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I walked to the grocery store this morning carrying my son in his NapSack. Round trip, it takes 1 hour. Since starting my diet I have chosen to walk as much as possible. Round trip; 20 minutes to the vegetable stand and movie rental shop, 30 minutes to the day care and butcher shop, and 1 hour to City Hall. I don't include any of this activity in my excercise log.

I notice a lot of old people out walking to the same places as I do, even the day care. By old people, I mean people north of 80 years old. Okinawans tend to have a very long life expectancy, one of the longest in the world.

Seniors tend to be very active. I see lots of older people playing croquet and walking in the park. But, it seems to be more than that. The older Okinawans seem to be more active - just living day to day.

The older generation seem to be more active than their counter part in the West. I think part of it has to do with urban planning and liberal zoning laws.

You can walk 15 minutes down the street from my house and see a bar, noodle shop, vegetable shop, fish shop, pork shop, grocery store, smoke shop, school, day care, a million dollar house, a run down house, a low income apartment, a park, a welding shop, autobody shop, a karate dojo, a kobudo dojo, a bank, a bakery, a cake shop, a church, a green house, and a chicken coupe. What you don't see are parking lots and parking zones along the side of the road.

This type of urban planning and liberal zoning would never fly in a western country. In my opinion, liberal zoning makes it not only possible but necessary, to be active - just living day to day.

I guess we are a product of our environment after all.

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