Random Thoughts

My weight dropped 0.2kg to 97.6 It is still up 1.2kg from 2 days ago. Very curious.

My first thought it was a result of salt. Due to the forces to be, I had a large McD's French Fries yesterday so I was not able to cut my salt back as I planned.

Another thought was that I was dehydrated when I dropped to 96.4kg as I just came off two low calorie days of fruit and vegetables. Hard to believe, as I regularly drink 4 plus litres of liquid a day. I have also had a bowel movement every day - can't be that.

My new theory is my scale might need batteries. I know it is a stretch. But when I first weighed myself this morning I was 96.6. I went to get my camera and my son decided to play "trampoline" on the scale. He is a very curious boy. Next 10 times I got on the scale it read 97.6kg.

Anyways, no worries. It would like to know why but the answer is not that important. The most important thing is to keep grinding. By accepting the fact, diets suck and should not be "fun", is the only way (I) stay sane. A hat tip to those who can make their diet "fun". Silently, I mock your make-belief -world.

I will eliminate salt today. Get new batteries and somehow check the calibration of my scale. Bring my calories down to 1200. And, fit in 3 hours of exercise.

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