Random Thoughts

My weight is down 1.4kg(3lbs) from yesterday and is now basically where it was 5 days ago.

Well it is prudent to think about and consider why it fluctuated, I don't believe finding "the" answer is important. My body did what it wanted to do - just trying to stay healthy. I stayed the course, things worked out.

Twice a week the nice Yakult lady delivers a special drink my wife loves and yogurt. My wife told her I was on a diet and she kindly gave her a sample of a diet yogurt that has just 45 calories. I had it for breakfast with half an Avocado and it was great.

I imagine a dietitian would cringe but I decided to try and reduce my calories to 1200 a day average for the next week and a half. That is a reduction of 20% from my current 1500 average. Considering my weight has dropped 25% from 127kg(280lbs) I don't feel it is a big deal.

I suspect the hunger pains before bed and my cranky moments will return. With time they went away after I dropped my daily calories from 4000 to 1500. I am prepared for the "fight".

Have a nice day.

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