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My apologies to those who are about to eat. I just wanted to post a picture of my blister that almost healed itself in one day. Of course, you would have taken my word for it but I thought a picture of my foot, in terrible condition, would help make my next point clear.

Exercising in the rain, day after day, sucks. Not socializing sucks. Not drinking beer sucks. Plainly, Dieting sucks. But, in the big picture it is all worth it.

Lots of people get blisters. No big deal. But, I am telling you "fat" people have to grind through a lot more than just blisters. Thankfully, I did not take a picture of the rash between my legs that bled on occasion, as I would have also posted it. I have heard other "fat" dieters have had nasty rashes on the inside of their arms.

My friend developed a terrible rash under her breasts. She was hospitalized, forced the hospital to give her a breast reduction, went on a liquid diet. Came out 12kg lighter and went on to lose another 3o kg. Finally, she "came out" and is happily living in Sydney with her very hot partner.

"Fat" people, who have lost weight already know all this, but intuitively never share it. Right or wrong, we understand people, outside our loved ones, probably feel we deserve it. Depending on your peer or social group, sharing stories of your swollen red bag would result in some humorous but unbearable ridicule. I love my friends but know they would never tire of heaping jokes on me. To quote my Welsh friend. "bloody punters."

I am writing this for the fat people who are just starting their diets. You may or may not experience some discomfort. If you do, who cares, fight through it. To my way of thinking, the fewer people you tell about your discomforts the stronger you become. The only reason my wife knows about my condition, she washed the blood from my socks and underwear.

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