Random Thoughts

Last night I was fairly smashed.

But what a fun night. I drank around 15 beers and ended up at a little shop close to my house at 3am. Tomorrow being a holiday and the owner being a Prince, I was given a huge plate of sashimi at no charge. I added 3000 calories to yesterday's total.

The surprising thing is I did not gain any weight. I watched South Africa beat the Lions in a sports bar with some friends. I did well by resisting eating but broke down and had 1 beer which of course resulted in me drinking an additional dozen or so.

Anyways, today is a new day. My weight did not go up and I cleaned up on my wagers. I got to hang out with some people I have not seen a few years and made a new friend. All in all - a good night.

Back to the Diet Grind.

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