Random Thoughts

Today at the 100 yen shop (dollar store) I walked by these measuring spoons and something clicked in my head. Immediately, I threw them in my basket.

Without being anally retentive, I measure, weigh and look up the caloric value of everything I consume. I was under the impression that the soup spoon on the right was equal to 1 tablespoon (15ml). I just learned it is a little less than half a tablespoon.

This means I have been under reporting my caloric intake of olive oil by 50%. I would add one half or one soup spoon of oil to my most of my salads. Mentally noting, one soup spoon is 120 calories. Now I realize it was closer to 60 calories. I use a premium olive oil and look forward to doubling my portions.

I understand why some are critical of those who measure and reference everything they consume. I still believe every fat person (who wishes to lose weight) should do it for a bit. Doing so, has helped me clue into reality. Also, lying to yourself becomes impossible.

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