Day 88 Review

Due to the rain I did not exercise as much as I would have liked, but it was still a great day.

Day 88 and 4 more weigh-ins until my 3 month diet is over. 8 is a very auspicious number for some Japanese due to the way the kanji character for 8 is written. I also remember the Olympics opened on the 8th second of the 8th minute of the 8th day of the 8th month, 2008. It is safe to say our Chinese friends also look favorably on the number 8. It would have been nice to weigh 88kg on my 88th day.

You know there are lots of nice people in the world but we meet very few sincerely, great human beings. My Batto Jutsu Sensei is one of those people. I've had the opportunity to train with him for 4 years now and have grown to truly respect the man. He is a gentleman and a great Japanese man. Also, a very careful, shrewd and talented teacher.

Sensei wouldn't care if you were a green man from the moon with no language skills. If you wanted to train, he would do everything possible to teach you the Art of his life. I had no interest in Martial Arts and met Sensei by chance. I started to train and have been doing so semi-regularly for 4 years. Truth be told, If it were not for the man specifically, I would have stopped going.

Sensei was consistent about mentioning my weight problem and smelling like brewery on Saturday mornings. He was always sincere. Never malicious. While changing into our street clothes today, he told me how much better I looked but felt - I still had about 10kg more to go. You know what? You know how I felt? Damn it! ...I felt, he is correct. Though I suspect 9kg is closer to the mark. I love honest people.

I now weigh what I weighed in High School. I am perfectly happy. My diet is almost over but I now realize my weight loss journey is not over. It won't be over until I find my ideal weight and then learn to maintain it by living a normal healthy life.

Good Night and Peace

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