Day 89 Review

It was a great day.

On top of 4.5 hours of exercise I managed to clean out my closet and dressers. I collected 2 garbage bags of clothes in poor condition to give to my motorcycle mechanic for rags. I'm hoping to persuade him to be somewhat gentle on my next invoice. I packed a total of 4 bags of clothes to donate to an orphanage I try to support. A couple of the boys are pretty large kids. I am hoping the home can use the clothes to help alleviate some of their financial burden. Though I suspect my suits and neckties will end as rags as well. It is all good.

I am left with only a few article of clothes. Amazing, I went shopping the other day and the jean sizes end at 36 inch waist. I thought they might fit but they only had straight leg....I will always be a freak in Japan. It is all good. I went to my favorite tailor, "The guy from India" and his shop is gone now. I hope he lands on his feet. My family and I will be in Canada next week and I'm planning a massive shopping trip.

An old sweet lady offered me a piece of brown sugar made from sugar cane. One of her relatives from up North made it. I took the smallest piece on the plate. A chocolate bar is about 200 calories and I'm guessing the piece of I ate was around 100 calories. It was pretty good.

Good Night

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